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Evenheat Kiln, Inc.

Map and Directions PO Box 399, 6949 Legion Road Caseville MI 48725-0399 USA
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Mike Kelly
Phone: 989-856-2281
Fax: 989-856-4040

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES:  We manufacture electric kilns of all sizes with interior dimensions ranging from 6 x 6 to 74 x 50 x 13 inches. We offer many enhancements to customize your kiln, such as: built-in or handheld units as well as the new Swing View Option for Ramp Master and Set-Pro controllers. Handheld and Swing View units can either be installed directly at the factory or supplied as a retro-fit kit for kilns currently in the field. The Ramp Master has the ability to run the most complex of firing schedules with features such as Power Tame, which allows for a percentage control of lid elements without the use of separate infinite switches. The Set-Pro is equally valuable as a controller with On-the-Fly features to give you total control of your firing. Other options for customizing your kiln are digital and analog pyrometers, large 2 x 4-inch viewing window, vent holes, Orton Vent Master for single or multi kiln use, and the Kiln Integrated Software System that allows you to program, monitor, collect firing data, and start/stop. 

BRIEF ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  Evenheat Kiln, Inc. has over 60 years of experience in providing top-ofthe-line kiln products and superior customer service to domestic and global markets.

PRODUCT TRADE NAMES:  Ramp Master, Ramp Master II, Set-Pro, Rapid Fire, Hot Box, Hot Shot, Jewel Box, Studio 8, Studio Pro and Dyna-Lift. Up to 10 RampMaster II equipped kilns directly from your personal computer. We also custommake RampMaster II and Set-Pro Wallmount controllers that allow you
to convert any manually operated kiln to automatic. In addition we carry a full line of kiln accessories and replacement parts such as: full shelves, half shelves, posts, glass separator, haik brushes, hot gloves, and all kiln components. The most recent addition to the kiln line is the Dyna-Lift. The Dyna-Lift makes lifting the heaviest of lids a breeze, all while not putting any stress on the body. The Dyna-Lift is easy to install on your older Evenheats as well as your new one.

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