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Glass Art Magazine is the premiere publication for artistic professionals working in hot, warm, and cold glass.

Who, What, Why

Glass Art Magazine reaches suppliers, manufac­turers, distributors, retailers, and educators plus the full spectrum of professional glass studios.

Articles span the entire gamut of hot, warm, and cold glass for everything from etching, painting, engraving, and stained glass to fusing, glassblowing, and the use of glass art in architectural and multimedia applications. Artists from around the world speak to their peers about what works within their own studios and how they adapt to global business shifts and changes, sharing lessons from their own successes and failures. Besides these substantial profiles on hot, warm and cold glass studio artists, glass educators, and retailers, readers also enjoy regular features on Historical Perspectives, Pioneers in Glass, Show Talk, Tech Talk, Marketing, and keeping up with the latest Glass Industry News and New Product Announcements. We also include tutorials geared to the professional artist.

Whatever your role in the world of glass art, you are sure to gain valuable insights from the experiences of your contemporaries across the industry that will help you take your own glass business to greater success and reach new heights.

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