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Uroboros Glass

Map and Directions 2139 N Kerby Avenue Portland OF 97227 USA
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Contact Person: Sales
Phone: 503-284-4900
Fax: 503-284-7584

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES:  Fusion FXTM is compatible with Bullseye glass. The product line has over 100 different styles of glass combinations. There are Thin, Textured and Iridized versions of colors found only in the Uroboros palette, and all our glass sheets are 24” wide.  The Fusion FX Machine Rolled Clear
is available as 4 mm thick, 3 mm standard thickness and 2 mm thin.  Machine Rolled Clear is available  Iridized in 3 mm sheets. Machine rolled black is available in 3mm and 2mm thickness. The 90 COE products also include Stringer, Noodles, and Frit. The Fettuccini-like Noodles are a Uroboros exclusive product available in Transparent and Opal colors. Our Mosaic Frit is a unique size that is very popular and very big (0.3" - 0.6”").  Casting Billets are available in clear only. The System 96 product line also includes many glass styles: Opal and Transparent colors, many available Iridized, Thin (2 mm) sheets and in a wide range of textures. 

BRIEF ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  System 96 has Stringer, Noodles, blown Confetti, Frit, and Rods for torchwork and glassblowing. Casting Billets and other casting media are available in black and many transparent colors. The Uroboros Art Glass product line has a wide selection of hand-cast glass styles. Designed to provide discerning artists with a wideranging palette it has numerous styles:  Granite, Ring Mottle, and Fracture/Streamer to name a few.  Vibrant, saturated colors, opal and transparent mixed in sophisticated combinations, all available in subtle to dramatic textures.  They are ideal for lamps, panels, and architectural applications. Please visit our website for more information and pictures of our growing line of colors in each product line.


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