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January/February 2013 Newsletter

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Glass Art E-Newsletter January/February 2013



 Newsletter      January/February 2013
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The end of 2012 was marked by significant loss in our industry. We said good-bye to Dan Fenton, Mel Greenland, and Boyce Lundstrom, all three pioneers in glass. It's difficult to imagine our world without three such influential members of the glass family. 
It may have seemed odd to some that an Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn became one of the world's foremost technical authorities on stained glass, due to its association with ancient European cathedrals. To Greenland it made perfect sense. He lived in an aura of universal beauty found in the transmission of light through color, and he used this effect to glorify God. Greenland honed a reputation as an international stained glass troubleshooter. After several years as an independent consultant to the nonprofit St. Ann Center for Restoration and the Arts Inc., he was appointed the in-house master glass conservator. He was known for his novel solutions, such as the drill he borrowed from his dentist to drill tiny holes in the pointed areas in the tracery, or his system that utilized detachable brass clips to allow the windows to "float" in their frames to alleviate pressure on the glass. 
Along with Fenton, to whom we pay tribute in this issue, and Lundstrom, who'll be featured in our March/April issue, Greenland paved the way for multitudes of artists. All three of these artist innovators developed better, faster ways to make art and shared them with anyone who needed the information. The best way to honor them is to achieve artistically as much as we are capable of---to keep going when it's good until we end up producing something truly great. 
Here's to "falling in love with night,"

Shawn Waggoner



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Fenton100.jpgPioneers in Glass 

An Odyssey in Glass

Dan Fenton 

by Shawn Waggoner 

If we could all gather together, the following are just a 

few of the thousands of stories that Fenton friends and fans would share.   
Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery 
Brooke White
by Collen Bryan 
In 2011, Brooke White completed an installation for the 
Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center.  The center was 
being enlarged and revamped, and was soliciting an 
artistic centerpiece with a high wow factor to greet the public in its central lobby.  White recounts the learning curve associated with bidding, winning, and building the public arts project.  


Art Glass Array
Lisa Becker
by Colleen Bryan  
Lisa Becker's Art Glass Array offers a broad selection of classes to all kinds of students. Classes that advance skills in fusing and
kilnforming propel the studio forward these days.



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Cathy Claycomb, Copper Foil Overlay

February 5, 2013

February 7, 2013


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Tanya Veit, Picasso Fusing

February 10, 2013 


Peggy Pettigrew Stewart

Verre' Eglomise ™     

February 19, 2013

February 21, 2013


Petra Kaiser                    April 16 and April 18, 2013

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Maureen James, Publisher                                                                 

Shawn Waggoner, Editor 

Glass Art                                                                                          
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Pioneers in Glass...An Odyssey in Glass...Dan Fenton
Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery...Brooke White
Art Glass Array...Lisa Becker
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