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November/December 2012 Newsletter

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Glass Art E-Newsletter November/December 2012




November/December 2012         

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The Best of the Best 


In this last issue of 2012, Glass Art continues its quest to provide readers with the best in cold, warm, and hot glass. Cold glass is represented by stained glass icon and designer CZ Lawrence and his behind-the-scenes look at creating five windows for the Washington National Cathedral. Next we celebrate warm glass and 40 years of groundbreaking work from Leslie Perlis. Closing out the issue with hot glass, Beth Lipman's still lifes examine themes of growth and decay, desire and consumption, and the literal embodiment of ourselves in our objects.


In addition to inspiring and informing in print, Glass Expert Webinars™ sponsored by Glass Art and Glass Patterns Quarterly have been an overwhelming success! Seventy two percent of those who have participated report that they are very likely to attend another, and 95 percent say they would recommend Glass Expert Webinars™ to a friend.


Glass Art renews its commitment to bringing you the best of the best in 2013. Cold, warm, and hot glass will be featured in each issue along with the latest news from all the glass organizations dedicated to each area of glassworking. 

Moving on to another year of sharing successes and building partnerships,


Shawn Waggoner



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NeherSmall.jpg Glasscaster Interview

The Evolution of a Style

Margaret Neher 

with Marcie Davis


I knew nothing about orchids when I started, but I began to see them in books and was ere were just hundreds and hundreds of different species and different subspecies. Facinated by them, not only by the brilliant colors and the beauty of the flowers, but I didn't try an orchid until my technique progressed to the point where I could think through how to do it, much less actually do it. This article was originally published on page 42 of the March/April 2012 issue of Glass Art.

Contemporary Glass 
Josh Simpson
by Collen Bryan
This baby boomer artist creates highly imaginative and intricate little worlds of glass, but he also has a creative approach to marketing and distributing his work, and to educating a new generation of craftspeople. This article was originally published on page 36 of the March/April 2012 issue of Glass Art.


Accomplishing Eco-Efficiency One Studio at a Time 

Hugh Jenkins

by Shawn Waggoner  


BioGlass is a global, nonprofit organization that develops and presents solutions, education opportunities, research and development for sustainable glassmaking, and information about eco-efficient glass studio practices. This article was originally published on page 46 of the March/April 2012 issue of Glass Art.



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Lisa St. Martin, Flameworking

January 8, 2013 

January 10, 2013 


Kent Lauer, Faceted Dichroic Glass

January 22, 2013

January 24, 2013


Cathy Claycomb, Copper Foil Overlay

February 5, 2013

February 7, 2013      


Tanya Veit, Picasso Fusing

February 10, 2013


Peggy Pettigrew Stewart     February 19 and 21

Petra Kaiser                            April 16 and 18

Robert Oddy                            April 23 and 25

Milon Townsend                    April 30 and May 2




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We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter and welcome any comments or ideas for upcoming issues. 


Maureen James, Publisher                                                                 

Shawn Waggoner, Editor 

Glass Art                                                                                          
In This Issue
Glasscaster Interview...Margaret Neher
Hot Glass Studio Profile...Josh Simpson
Working Green BioGlass...Hugh Jenkins

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