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March/April 2012 Newsletter

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Glass Art E-Newsletter March/April 2012




March/April 2012         

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Artists today face challenges and difficulties, and in order for them to survive they must become more experimental, imaginative, and collaborative in their art work. The sluggish economy and the introduction of cheaply produced glasswork from China into the world market are profoundly affecting glass artists worldwide.  And the rising cost of fossil fuels is expediting the closure of hot glass studios around the globe, a crisis that could lead to the extinction of glassmaking worldwide.


BioGlass is a global organization that develops and presents solutions, educational opportunities, research and development for sustainable glassmaking, and information about eco-efficient glass studio practices. Its interactive, international website,, provides information to assist glass artists in improving their economic stability while lowering fuel costs and reducing their carbon footprint.


In the March/April 2012 issue you'll find helpful articles for your business or studio covering Management, a Retailer Profile, Independent Artist,Tech Talk, Marketing, Show Talk, and more.  Glass Art's goal is to assist, artists, studios, and retailers in making the times in which we live survivable and the impact of these hard times invisible.


The Byrds said it best:  "To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn,"


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Retailer Profile

by Colleen Bryan


Kevin Tappin, a second generation owner of Stained Glass Stuff in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada finds his passion for glass retail and takes steps to transform the business into his own. He is always looking for new ways to keep his customers interested in creating in glass and constantly monitors the success that these methods achieve in expanding his business.

Singletary.jpgHot Glass Studio Profile
by Rachel Bryan-Auker 
Preston Singletary-Representing Tlingit Culture
through Glass Art
Preston Singletary's gift is found in his unique ability to communicate traditional forms and cultured references from the Tlingit tribe of Southeast Alaska through his manipulation of glass. He considers his work to be a marriage of those two artistic philosophies.
                      Film Photo
                  Cameo Engraving Glass
                       with April Surgent
                       Museum of Glass



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Hot Glass Profile, Preston Singletary
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