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March/April 2013 Newsletter

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Glass Art E-Newsletter March/April 2013




 Newsletter                             March/April  2013  
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Our multifocused editorial content this issue covers the gamut of hot, warm, and cold glass.  From Peter McGrain's new architectural Vitri-Fusaille® project and Berni North's glassblowing studio/coffee shop to Rowan LeCompte's windows for the national cathedral, Glass Art remains your complete source for all things glass. 
This issue is dedicated to the memory of Boyce Lundstrom, widely regarded as the Father of Fusing. With his cowboy hat and iconic personality, Lundstrom was an entre-preneur, innovator, author, teacher, and glass craftsman. On December 2, 2012, he lost his fight with brain cancer. His goal from the beginning was to make fusing accessible to the common person and to recycle materials whenever possible. Long before "going green" was politically correct, he preached about reusing and re-fusing. 


In Honor of Lundstrom, let us never refuse to re-fuse,


Shawn Waggoner



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Veenstra100.jpgEtched Glass Studio Profile 

James A. Veenstra 

E-Scape Art Glass

by Colleen Bryan

Much of Veenstra's work these days is for smaller residential applications, another adaptation to the economic ecosystem.
Jonathan Harris
The Influence of History
by Collen Bryan
History is no dead and dusty thing as Jonathan Harris reflects on it, but rather a living influence and a creative source for
his artwork. 


Judith Schaechter
Feral Child 
by Shawn Waggoner  
Judith Schaechter's new work Feral Child transports the viewer into the cold and snowy world of a girl raised by wolves, befriended by birds, and more comfortable in abandoment than in civilized society. 




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 falling angel   


Innovations in Working with Boro Dichro

                  with Milon Townsend

This is the very first Webinar experience with glass master Milon Townsend. He's been working on his new book Flamworking, Volume ll, and the material contained in this presentation is excerpted from it. Please consider joining in. You'll have a great time, and learn more than you bargained for!


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Thank You!


We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter and welcome any comments or ideas for upcoming issues. 


Maureen James, Publisher                                                                 

Shawn Waggoner, Editor  
Glass Art                                                                                          
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Etched Glass Studio Profile...James A. Veenstra
Hot Glass Studio Profile...Jonathan Harris
Independent Artists...Judith Schaechter
            March/April 2013  
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