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Glass Expert Webinar with Milon Townsend January 19, 2017

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Dichroic coated glass, transmitting light in one color and reflecting in another, can be one of the most beautiful elements in your artistic palette. It can be a little tricky to use, and you might benefit from some ideas and insights from someone who’s been using it since it’s been around.

Glass artist Milon Townsend returns to impart his knowledge and wisdom on working with dichroic coated glass. He will show you how to get that pesky dichroic into your artwork without burning it out.

Milon will demonstrate:

•  how to encase dichroic coated glass so that it doesn’t burn out and can be used in many different applications
•  how to cut it into narrow strips perfect for applying or twisting to make beautiful dichroic spiral earrings
•  how to make a filigrana cane with an internal twist of dichroic color that you can use to make a host of matching galaxy marbles
•  how to make shimmering, sparkling dichroic cane that sets your work on fire
•  Milon’s signature dichroic wrap around a previously made glass figure
•  butterfly and dragonfly wings to apply to exquisite insects or faerie figures
•  cutting along and across rainbow coated glass for different effects
•  how to heat the coated glass directly in your flame before deeply encasing 
•  using dichroic coated rods to bring out the background colors in implosion pendants and paperweights.

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