Glassy Cuts - Float Glass Supplies

Map and Directions: NW Silverdale WaySilverdaleWA

Street: 9536 NW Silverdale Way
City: Silverdale
State: WA
Zip Code: 98383
E-mail: Email Label
Contact Person: Lisa Stirrett
Phone: 360-613-5472

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES FOR SALE:  Offering a huge variety of float glass products (aka window glass). We have a vast selection of frit colorants, fusible glass blanks/shapes, mosaic glass, fusible colorant dots, stringers, instructional books/videos, kits, accessories, and more. All for float/window glass.

BRIEF ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  Go float and never look back. Float glas can do what all the other systems can do - BUT MORE! Use less frit for more saturation, tons of colors from which to choose, blank shapes and new techniques.  Be a creative warrior with us.

PRODUCT TRADE NAMES:  Glassy Cuts, I Am A Warrior, Cooking in Glass, Creative Warriors