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Lisa Vogt LIVE Lecture

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How to Think Like an Artist 

Essential Design and Color Theory for Every Artist 

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Exceptional art is no accident. It is the product of a strategic plan that employs thoughtful design and color decisions, made by a skilled artist. Outstanding art is the result of informed choices applied to a work of art from its conception and then carried out through to its completion. 

In this comprehensive lecture, fine art major Lisa Vogt will show you how to lay out your design to establish impactful compositions. She’ll explain how and why you should use color to create a light source, add visual depth, and create a sense of mood. You’ll learn how to use high-contrast colors to influence the viewers engagement with your art. You’ll see the importance of including recognizable subject matter and a focal point. 

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No matter where you are in your journey, your artistic approach will benefit significantly from the easy-to-develop practices outlined in this in-depth presentation by one of today’s most prolific and respected artists. 

Don’t miss this fast-track opportunity to learn the age-old, hidden secrets employed by the great masters. Enjoy renewed artistic freedom with an understanding of the proven methods they used to create unforgettable original works of art. 

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Join Lisa for this intimate, conversational live event to ignite your dormant creativity and experience a renewed awakening of your personal artistic strengths. 

Within a week after the Webinar, everyone who purchases the class will receive an e-mail with the link to a recorded version of the Webinar. You will have unlimited viewing of the recording AND your link never expire

No Traveling Required! 

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