Tuesday, 22 November 2016 00:00

Dennis Brady LIVE Webinar

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Window glass is called float glass because it’s made by pouring molten glass out onto a bed of molten tin. Because it’s made in much larger quantities than colored art glass, it costs much less and is often available free as scrap. Although mostly made clear, it’s also available in gray and bronze tints. It has some different properties than the glass we use for fusing but can be used for fusing projects. This webinar will teach you about those different properties, about the compatibility issues, how to identify the tin side of float glass, and how to adjust firing schedules for float. Dennis will also instruct you on how to deal with devitrification and how to add color with paints or mica.

In addition, he will demonstrate a number of projects with both regular float glass and tempered glass and show you how to use float glass to make molds, kiln dams and even how to use as a kiln shelf. 

Firing schedules, patterns and other PDF resource material will be included in the live Webinar event.

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