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Gil Reynolds LIVE Webinar

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Fused Glass Breakthroughs July 14, 2020


The more we know about how to work with glass, the better we become as a glass artist. Expanding your skill set is a great way to foster new ideas and grow the marketability of your own glass work. Gil Reynolds makes his Webinar debut to share five products and techniques that will make your pieces more marketable and help you find your own unique style.

This class will cover many different tips and tricks that will broaden your ability to make the images you want, but the main focus will be on the following five techniques:
Shrink Lines are made by pre-firing Flexi-Glass or Liquid Stringer Medium components; this process provides a unique way to create delicate fired line imagery.
Back Building is a technique that allows you to bond controlled frit and powder imagery on the back of the glass and have it stay in place while you work on the front surface. This saves a firing and produces a look of it’s own.
Silver Reactive Enamels are internally reactive and take on several different colors depending upon how they are applied.
Cold Combing allows you to capture the look of combed glass while working at room temperature. This process is gives you a lot more control and allows for more detailed imagery all without having to deal with reaching inside of a hot kiln.
Nature Printing is a process where the image of plants can be applied to glass by direct printing.
Also included is a breakdown of the different binders and mediums that are available, their unique qualities and how to use them for specific effects. 

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No Traveling Required!

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