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Spring 2000 **PRINT**

Spring 2000 **PRINT**
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Profitable Glass Quarterly Spring 2000

Studio Profile
Architectural Glass Art, Inc.
Kenneth vonRoenn, Jr., owner of Architectural Glass Art, Inc., in Louisville, Kentucky, approaches art in glass from his perspective as an architect. He is mainly concerned with striking a harmony between his work and the building where it will be used. Mr. vonRoenn approaches his business as if it were an art, with a spirit of creativity and spontaneity.
by Kim Blagg

Retailer Profile
Fantasy in Glass
Mike Chaszcziwskiy turned his self-taught hobby into the chance to purchase an ailing stained glass business and turn it into his life’s work. The fact that he advocates a creative spirit, fun, and superior customer service has helped this Toronto-area stained glass business increase its sales and draw customers from a wide area.
by Kim Blagg

From the Inside Out—How to Conduct a Successful In-Store Promotional Event
From a one-afternoon demonstration to a week-long series of workshops, in-store promotional events can help bring new or revitalized business to your stained glass store. By taking advantage of assistance that vendors can give, planning ahead, and advertising, owners can host an event that is cost-effective and that is just right for the space the store has available.
by Claire Sykes

Business Success Tips for the New Year
Taking care of a few important areas in your business can make a big difference in the bottom line. Developing a strategic plan and implementing it is a good place to start, along with contacting existing customers, negotiating new prices with suppliers, reviewing the effectiveness of technologies, and examining customer service policies. Consulting employees is a good way to gain insight on how to improve your business.
by Dr. Robert Sullivan

Tech Talk
Top Ten Tips on Building a Great Website
A website that is rich in content can draw in customers and introduce your business to people who might never have realized it existed. Avoiding such mistakes as putting a personal e-mail address on your business site or depending on site designers who are not readily available to service your site can make your Web address look more professional and desirable to clients.
by Ed Foster

News and New Products
Be informed about the latest in new products and events in the world of art glass.
by Darlene Welch

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