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Fall 2005 **PRINT**

Fall 2005 **PRINT**
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Profitable Glass Quarterly Fall 2005

Letter from the Editor
Diversity Builds Your Business
It's tempting to jump on the bandwagon that is carrying whatever the most popular, current art glass technique happens to be and promote only the "new."
by Maureen James

Hot Glass Studio
Thomas Müller-Litz and the Glass Traditions of Lauscha
Techniques for creating montage vessels were first developed in the tiny mountain village of Lauscha, Germany, where glassblowing artist, Thomas Müller-Litz still carries on the flameworking traditions of his family that began over 400 years ago.
by Marcie Davis

Studio Profile
Living Art Glass
Steve Meyer is using the business acumen that he developed during his years in financial securities to develop a business plan to guide his new career as a stained glass sculptor of unique, three-dimensional pieces of glass art.
by Colleen Bryan

Retailer Profile
Timeless Tiffany Inc.
Barry Chidester realizes that if he is in tune with his customers needs, he can offer them products, services, and construction tips that will help them to be successful with art glass and turn them into loyal customers who recommend his store to their friends.
by Colleen Bryan

Creation and Evolution of a Wholesale Product Line
Providing product lines in multiple colors and versions, staying true to the prices you set, and understanding that a product must be reproducible on a constant basis are all concepts that are important to developing and marketing your art glass work.
by Milon Townsend

Setting Goals—Your Road Map for Success
Successful art glass business owners know where their companies are headed and why by taking the time to set goals that are specific, realistic, and measurable and that keep their businesses from wandering.
by Claire Sykes

Glass Talk with Dale Smeltzer
Steve Meyer, stained glass sculptor, shares some of the special techniques that he uses when building his unique, three-dimensional work.

Tech Talk
Power to Your POS System
When properly programmed and intelligently used, point-of sale (POS) systems yield priceless information about your customers and their purchases to help you increase sales as you respond to their buying needs.
by Claire Sykes

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