Nortel Manufacturing, Ltd.

Map and Directions: Ellesmere Rd # 18TorontoON

Street: 2040 Ellesmere Rd # 18
City: Toronto
State: ON
Zip Code: M1H 3B6
Country: Canada
E-mail: Email Label
Contact Person: Jean Robichaud
Phone: 416-438-3325
Fax: 416-438-7140

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES: Manufacturer of bench burners, hand torches, polariscope strain viewers, and glass cut-off saws. Distributor of 104 and 33 COE glass lines for artistic, functional, and scientific glass working. Canadian distributor of Paragon Kilns.

BRIEF ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Full complement of 104 glass including Effetre, CiM, Double Helix, and Riley Dichro. Extensive selection of borosilicate including Simax, Northstar, Trautman, Borobatch, and Greasy Glass. We also stock all related tools, frits, bead release, etchhing supplies, safety glasses, etc.

PRODUCT TRADE NAMES: Minor, MegaMinor, Midrange, RedMax and Hydra bench burners, Multimix, Twin Fuel, and Ranger hand torches, Nortel Cut-Off Machines