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May/June 2011 **DIGITAL**

May/June 2011 **DIGITAL**
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Digital Version for download--Print Version and CD Version also available

Letter from the Editor
Two Leading Glass Art Publications Merge
by Shawn Waggoner and Maureen James
Glass Art and Profitable Glass Quarterly magazines have merged into one entity that will continue to be know as Glass Art. This merger brings together many talented individuals from both organizations who will blend their knowledge and perspectives to develop truly unique content for the glass industry. These dedicated people look forward to bringing readers many years of stunning and informative issues of Glass Art.

Hot Glass Studio Profile
Albrecht Greiner-Mai—Legendary Master of Lauscha
by Marcie Davis
The work of renowned montage artist, Albrecht Greiner-Mai, has had a profound impact on flameworkers the world over. His work progressed from fabricating solid glass animal sculptures during the East German Communist regime to hollow vessels, then into his own style. Greiner-Mai creates radiant, luminous, yet totally disciplined montage artwork, which has become the tool of his self-expression.

Art Glass Studio Profile
Michael Dupille
by Colleen Bryan
As image maker and innovator, Michael Dupille uses a process that he has dubbed Fritography™ to put down alternating layers of colored frit, then subjects each piece to successive firings to embellish the image. He approaches his own creative work and the business of art using the tenets of experimentation, observation, and adaptation. The result is glass art that closely resembles his early art studies in watercolor painting.

Retailer Profile
Stained Glass Junction
by Colleen Bryan
Frankye Cartner and Suzy Pomeroy operate Stained Glass Junction with the goal of providing their clientele with the best materials and service available. Even in the midst of a growing trend on the part of artists and hobbyists to experiment with warm and hot glass, Cartner and Portnoy continue to retain a stained glass emphasis, upholding traditional glass forms through classes and the publication of stained glass pattern books.

Glass Shines Even Brighter at La Quinta Arts Festival
by The Staff of La Quinta Arts Foundation
The La Quinta Arts Festival in La Quinta, California, is high on the radar of artists who are seeking the optimal venue for exhibiting their works of art in virtually every fine art medium. Several glass artists took the time to share the criteria for how they select the shows that are the most important to them and how they research various shows and art festivals.

Show Talk
Booth Design and Merchandising—Creating Illusions for More Appealing Displays
by Bruce Baker
When artists create realistic displays in their booths, the chances that buyers will be drawn into the booth and actually make a purchase are greatly increased. Many exhibitors fear that having this type of booth will be too expensive, but very effective booths can actually be constructed for a few hundred dollars. Some artists are even able to spend little to nothing by using salvaged and recycled materials.

Tech Talk
Top Tips for Managing Your E-mail
by Ann Sanborn
The strategies that some people use for dealing with the onslaught of e-mail they receive daily can lead to more problems than they solve. Simple things such as providing more specific subject lines, keeping the body of e-mails to one page or less, having specific times of the day to check mail, and sometimes even ignoring it can help tame the time-consuming e-mail monster.

Personal Development
Failures—Stepping-Stones to Success
by Barton Goldsmith, PhD
Many people who have meaningful lives say that their failures have taught them what they needed to know to find success. Looking for the lessons that failure teaches improves the problem-solving skills that help a person face the next challenge better equipped. Making mistakes is only human, but learning from them helps people to reach the next level.

Brand Protection—Protecting Your Name and the Integrity of Your Work
by Cathy Claycomb
In the politics and marketing of an artist’s work, one of the most important aspects is to be aware of subliminal damage that can be done when attention is diverted away from doing quality work. Even when donating to charity auctions or fundraisers, artists should give the best of themselves for the benefit of that entity, as well as to protect the reputation of the quality of their art.

Independent Artist
Artist-Produced Educational Videos—Professional or Homegrown?
by Milon Townsend
Artists must decide when producing an educational video whether to perform the task alone or find a professional to help with the production. It’s important to have a sound plan regarding the economic aspects of the project, since money is always an issue. It’s also good to recognize that using multiple cameras, which can’t be accomplished alone, will provide much better potential for good editing later.


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