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July/August 1993 **PRINT**

July/August 1993 **PRINT**
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Glass Art July/August 1993 issue

Who's on First?
The age-old argument raging in the stained glass industry about who should sell to whom, and who can buy from whom, has reared its ugly head again. This was a popular topic of conversation at last year's AGSA trade show. Since this is the issue that will be in circulation during the 1993 show, Kim Kostuch thought it would be a good time to stir up the ashes.

Metal Overlay
Metal overlay is a technique many artists employ to enhance the linework of their stained glass panels. This article presents several examples of panels treated with metal overlay and information from three different artists on the technical and aesthetic applications of the technique.

"There Are No Rules": The Prolific Therman Statom
Therman Statom's large-scale, brightly colored plate glass sculpture and installations have attracted the attention of glass, craft and fine arts aficionados nationwide. Statom has uniquely incorporated his training in sculpture (BFA Rhode Island School of Design) and in glass (as a teacher at Pilchuck Glass Center) to become a leading proponent of the "sculptural glass" medium.

Pricing Your Work
The best price for a product is not the price that sells the most units, nor brings in the most sales dollars. The best price is the one that maximizes your profits. Loretta Radeschi discusses how to arrive at the appropriate price for your work by considering all the direct and hidden costs involved in making each piece of glass.

Combining Sandblasting with Kilnformed Glass
Kathy Bradford provides some information that falls under the heading of "everything you thought you COULDN'T do with sandblasting". There are many ways to use sandblasting that go beyond working up a sandblasted image that stands by itself.

The International Art Glass Suppliers Trade Show
For those in the business of art glass, Orlando will be their business source on July 16 - 18. That's when the 1993 International Art Glass Suppliers Trade Show, "Source '93", will be held.

Arthur Femenella discusses the finer points of window installation.

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