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Glass Expert Webinar™ with Randy Wardell September 18, 2018

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We love glass fusing because it offers spontaneous, creative freedom for the designer in all of us.  Precision drawings and elaborate planning is not required.  There are, however, a few simple design and fabrication secrets that will allow your inner designer to discover a world of fresh possibilities. Randy Wardell is the man to share those secrets.  His depth of knowledge, contagious enthusiasm and sense of humor all point to his passion for fusing. Some of the techniques Randy will cover in this Webinar are:

Strip-Frieze Designing-Elegant Creations Using Narrow Glass Strips:
You won't believe the spectacular design possibilities that result from a handful of narrow glass strips, noodles, stringers, twists and other tasty components.

Add a Stemmed-Foot to a Draped Bowl: Randy will reveal how he developed this innovative technique that mimics what he learned in the glass blowing studio.  This technique moves glass fusing to the center pedestal in the art gallery.

Fritage-Phenomenal Frit Embellishments: This improbable and simple technique produces jaw-dropping organic patterns. Randy will reveal the entire process, but you don't have to tell your friends when you show them the results!

Drop-Thru Vase Forming: Create a dramatic-footed vase using Randy's Drop-Thru Mold that aligns the glass-drop to the center of a wine glass style foot.  You've never seen anything like this one come out of a fusing kiln.

Petrofrit-Lifeform Components: This nifty technique will enable you to make a variety of stand alone lifeform components such as plants, flowers, sea life, animals, people or anything your heart desires. Use these as building blocks for some clever and engaging creations.

Randy has been in the art glass community for more than 35 years and he has done it all; from stained glass to blown glass and his teaching style holds nothing back. This media-enriched Webinar will feature video instruction with live narration, a slideshow of finished art pieces, professional tips, tricks and shortcuts and much more.  Come prepared to ask any question you have about fusing and delight in the insightful, all-inclusive answer.

Remember, within a week after the Webinar, everyone who purchases the class will receive an e-mail with the link to a recorded version of the Webinar that will be available for 60 days. You will have FREE unlimited viewing of the recording for that 60 day period.

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