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Glass Expert Webinar™ with Dennis Brady November 8, 2018

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In his NEW Webinar, Dennis Brady will show you how easy it is to comb glass. Learn how to comb or rake molten glass in a kiln to create a variety of designs including chevrons, swirls and twists. No matter the size kiln you have, big or small, it can be used for this technique. 

Dennis will cover the following:

• How to prepare a mold or dam assembly in the kiln

• Different ways to arrange the glass for melting and combing

• How different tool and different combing methods produce different results

• How to best use different kinds of kilns

• The tools used to comb glass

• Safety concerns working with molten glass 

**NEW OFFER: Within a week after the Webinar, everyone who purchases the class will receive an e-mail with the link to a recorded version of the Webinar. You will have unlimited viewing of the recording AND your link never expires!

No Traveling Required!

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