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Glass Expert Webinar™ with Dennis Brady May 29, 2018

Written by GLass Art Staff
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Have any scrap glass lying around?

Dennis Brady wants to come in and do a little housekeeping!  Pouring molten glass with a vitrigraph is pure fun and a terrific way to clean up and use that scrap glass left over from all your projects. Learn how a vitrigraph is great for making stringers with rods but also how much, much more you can do. Dennis will teach you how to make glass bulbs, swirls, twists, noodles and even glass coils. You'll come away knowing how different temperatures, pot sizes and colors of glass create different vitrigraph pours. This Webinar will include loads of project ideas for incorporating the unique shapes you can make with a vitrigraph. And, as always, Dennis will bring his wit, charm and vast amount of knowledge ready to impart to you!

No Traveling Required!

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