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July/August 2014 **CD**

July/August 2014 **CD**
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Letter from the Editor
Lessons from Rowan LeCompte
by Shawn Waggoner
Glass Art editor Shawn Waggoner pays tribute to the awe-inspiring contributions of the late stained glass master, Rowan LeCompte. Known for his extraordinary liturgical windows, LeCompte always sought to capture three elements in each of his works: clarity, richness, and sparkle.

Architectural Glass
Two Architectural Glass Giants Merge
Associated Crafts Acquires Willet Hauser
by Colleen Bryan
Photography by E. Crosby Willet, James A. Hauser, and Susan Bockius
In January 2014, Associated Crafts, specialists in the restoration, repair, and preservation of stained glass liturgical windows, acquired Willet Hauser,  a company renowned worldwide for designing and installing premier liturgical and public windows. Both companies expect the work of each to support and strengthen that of the other.

AGG News
American Glass Now 2014
by Tony Glander
Photography by Martino Flynn
The American Glass Guild (AGG) displayed incredible glass art talent at its annual conference designed to encourage artists to experiment with new techniques and dialogue with fellow artists. Nineteen participants employed a wide spectrum of techniques including laminated imagery, fused glass, and layered screen printed glass.

Art Glass Studio Profile
Jon Erickson’s Modern Eye to the Ancient Craft
by Shawn Waggoner
Jon Erickson has spent the past twenty years bringing a modern eye to the ancient craft of stained glass. Though glass painting is his passion, he has also produced detailed etched glass pieces, including three-dimensional reliefs, and plans to learn acid-etching to expand his base of available creative techniques.

Independent Artist
Poppy Field
by Cathy Claycomb and Christine Wilson
Cathy Claycomb discovered some unique lumps of glass, leftovers from another artist’s work but potential inclusions in a contemporary stained glass panel of a poppy field. Collaborating with Christine Wilson, the two worked long distance between Colorado and Indiana, to prepare the fused design elements and assemble the panel.

Skills and Techniques
Cast Glass Doors, Part 2
Molding the Glass Panels
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Cathy Coverley
Photography by David Duncan Livingston and Cathy Coverley
Cathy Coverley completes the tutorial for cast door panels begun in the May/June 2014 issue of Glass Art. She demonstrates how to create the cast panels and provides formulas for converting clay weight to glass weight using either volume or displacement calculations. A firing schedule fis also included or casting the panels.

2014 Mosaic Arts International Exhibition
by the Society of American Mosaic Artists
SAMA’s annual juried art show, Mosaic Arts International (MAI), was filled with work from artists who used both traditional and nontraditional materials while employing classic and contemporary techniques. Concurrently, the Masters Invitational exhibit provided a rare opportunity to view the works of mosaic masters Emma Biggs, Giulio Menossi, and Sonia King.

Proven “Home Run” Marketing Strategies
by Mark Veit
Featuring artwork by Jodi Hesting
While the ultimate goal of selling glass art is shared by all artists, ways to do that vary from situation to situation. Knowing how to use Internet resources is important, but everyday life in the surrounding community also provides many opportunities to spread the word about glass art business entities.

Retailer Profile
Rainbow Glass
Success Based on Three-Tiered Marketing
by Colleen Bryan
Phil Teefy of Rainbow Glass must compete with Internet sources for sales and knows that personalized service is what keeps customers coming back to his store. He also maintains three-tiered display samples for all of his classes so students can see the potential for improving their work by upscaling to premium materials.

Winning Glass
Coatings By Sandberg 2013 Dichroic By Design Contest
by Dana S. Baldwin
Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) has announced the winners of its 2013 Dichroic By Design Contest. The company’s eighth annual competition showcased unique dichroic glass artwork created by various artists from around the world. CBS Dichroic glass was awarded to all of the winners and honorable mention runners-up.

Educational Glass
The Pilchuck of Europe
by Shawn Waggoner
Photography by Bildwerk-Frauenau
Bildwerk-Frauenau, a school located halfway between Munich, Germany, and Prague, Czech Republic, is widely regarded as the Pilchuck of Europe. Glass art is the focus of the classes provided during the school’s annual Summer Academy that offers workshops for lampworking, casting and painting, glass cutting, and glass design.

Hot Glass Studio Profile
Cycle of Life: Within the Power of Dreams and the Wonder of Infinity
Richard Jolley’s New Masterwork at the Knoxville Museum of Art
by Shawn Waggoner
Photography by Elizabeth Felicella Photography and Hei Park
Richard Jolley has helped Knoxville, Tennessee, shine through his new masterwork, Cycle of Life: Within the Power of Dreams and the Wonder of Infinity, on permanent display at the Knoxville Museum of Art. The monumental sculpture is his most ambitious undertaking to date and coincides with the museum’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration.

GAS News
Glass Art Society’s 43rd Annual Conference
by Shawn Waggoner
Photography by Heather Ahrens, Courtesy of Glass Art
Chicago, Illinois, served as the place for the forty-third annual Glass Art Society (GAS) conference. The profusion of demonstrations, lectures, and panels provided attendees with an abundance of educational opportunities. GAS also presented its 2014 Lifetime Achievement and Honorary Lifetime Membership Awards to Dan Dailey and Shane Fero, respectively.

What’s New
Featuring the latest in books and products for the glass enthusiast
by Darlene Welch
What’s New offers Information on the latest in books and patterns plus new glass and tools for hot, warm, and cold glass artists and hobbyists. This is the perfect place to keep up with the innovations that will make working in glass easier and more enjoyable.

Readers’ Forum
Readers share their thoughts on profiles and articles featured in recent issues of Glass Art.

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