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July/August 2007 **DIGITAL**

July/August 2007 **DIGITAL**
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Digital Version for download--Print Version and CD Version also available

Christopher Ries: Sculptor in Four Dimensions
(Length, Width, Height and Light)
by Debbie Tarsitano
Christopher Ries, a master sculptor of cold glass, employs the discipline of "classical reductive sculpture." Ries hand carves massive blocks of glass to create his exterior shapes by taking material away. His work is physically and emotionally demanding, because his sculpting must liberate a dynamic, striking work of art from a lifeless block of crystal. The fact that Ries' sculptural material is some of the purest optical crystal manufactured in the world today, lets him add an additional presence to his work. Debbie Tarsitano reports.

Sunflower: The Process
by Christopher Ries
"Sunflower" is a magical work of art which invites interpretation and examination. It represents an ultimate culmination of materials, technique and concept homogenizing into a singular iconographic design. Christopher Ries describes his process for creating this magical piece.

Casting Article: Part II
by Milon Townsend
Milon Townsend illustrates methods he uses to achieve successful lost wax castings.

Proper Web Page Construction & Optimization
by Ann Sanborn
You have a Web site that can be seen on the Internet, but is anyone going to find it or know about it unless you are spoon-feeding visitors by handing out business cards or telling them about it? Ann Sanborn discusses two critical technical elements of a Web site that you cannot ignore during construction: browser compatibility and indexability by the Search Engines.

Creating a Mood in Glass:Detlef Gotzens’ Window Screens 
for the Alfred-Langevin Cultural Hall, Quebec 
by Shawn Waggoner
Discover Detlef Gotzens' five 6' x 9' stained glass screens created last year for the Alfred-Langevin Cultural Exhibition Hall, Huntingdon, Quebec. The purpose of these architectural panels is to create a mood in the space, allowing visitors to focus and enjoy ongoing cultural activities.

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