The Paragon Clamshell Glass Fusing Kilns Featured

Fuse and slump glass bracelets, jewelry, bowls, plates, and wall hangings in Paragon's square Clamshell digital glass fusing kilns. Since the kiln body lifts out of the way, you can add delicate stringers and frit to pieces that are already loaded in the kiln. This prevents jarring delicate designs. Model numbers ending in "D" are dual-opening; models ending in "S" are single-opening. The "D" models have a separate lid and kiln body. Open the lid by itself or the kiln body and lid together. The top and kiln body of the "S" models are one unit. When you open the kiln, the top and body open together. The Clamshell kilns are tested by TUV to UL and CSA standards. Paragon kilns are made in America. This video was produced at the Paragon kiln factory in Mesquite, Texas USA. Narration: Shelia Collins; camera coordinator: Adelaide Arriaga; camera and editing: Arnold Howard. Learn more about Paragon Industries a


The Paragon Clamshell Glass Fusing Kilns