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May/June 2012 **PRINT**


Letter from the Editor

A Breadth of Experience in Glass

by Shawn Waggoner

Glass Art editor Shawn Waggoner introduces us to Brook White, glassblower and owner of Flame Run Glass Studio in Louisville, Kentucky; Michael Janis, who creates intricate glass powder drawings; and Lisa Becker, who offers her clients a well-rounded glass art education and the supplies and tools that support that education. 

Hot Glass Studio Profile

Flame Run Studio and Gallery—Diversity and Perseverance 

by Colleen Bryan 

Photography by Tiffany Ackerman and JoJo

The ability of Brook F. White, Jr., glassblower and owner of Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery, to work with large installations and do many different kinds of projects has helped his studio survive a difficult economy. The diverse range of products and experiences that he is able to offer through his studio helps White to fuel his passion for making art available to a wide spectrum of people.


Using Social Media with Confidence

by Mark Veit

Photography by David Alcala

Websites and social media opportunities can provide a great outlet for putting an artist’s studio in front of the public, who are interested in knowing more about the person behind the art. Presenting the positive aspects of an artist’s life and work through blogs, Facebook entries, and other Internet resources while avoiding the negative will attract a following.

Historical Perspectives

Ed Hoy—The Greatest Generation Glassman

by Shawn Waggoner

Ed Hoy—entrepreneur, inventor, and businessman philosopher—is in his fourth decade in the glass business. One of the biggest reasons for the continued growth and success of his company, Ed Hoy’s International, is the superior customer service that he and all of his employees provide to their clients.

Winning Glass

Zachary Jorgenson—Winner of the 2011 Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award

Glass Art has joined with Glasscraft Inc., The Flow magazine, and Glass Patterns Quarterly to expand the Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award (GEAA) to recognize up-and-coming flameworking artists. Winners are selected from artists who have contributed to the glass art community through technical and artistic innovation. The 2011 award goes to murrine artist, Zachary Jorgenson.

Working Green

Erwin Timmers

by Colleen Bryan

Photography by Anything Photographic

Erwin Timmers has a profound respect for the environment and demonstrates that through his glass art. Window glass, in particular, plus church glass, scrap aluminum and steel, plus everyday objects and icons find their way into Timmers’ work.

Retailer Profile

Art Glass Array

by Colleen Bryan 

Class Photography by Teresa Holt

During a stint designing custom stained glass entryways for a local homebuilder, Lisa Becker taught herself fusing as a diversion and decided to recast her new interest into a business proposition. Her studio, Art Glass Array, opened as one is a cluster of stores and has since moved to a 4,500-square-foot space where Becker educates artists and hobbyists while she provides them with supplies and support.

Warm Glass Studio Profile

Pushing Powder—Michael Janis’ Glass Frit Drawings 

by Shawn Waggoner

Photography by

Michael Janis creates intricate glass powder drawings using the time-consuming sgraffito technique. Using crushed glass powder, he affects elements of light, color, and sequence by sifting the fine silica–based frit onto sheets of glass, then scraping and scratching the powder to reveal the design.


Larry Zgoda Studio 

Photography by Richard Bruck

Larry Zgoda has been working in stained glass for over thirty years and has created glass art for various locations across the United States. His use of crisp, clean designs founded on aspects of architectural ornaments and nature are executed in visually dynamic glasses that have rich kinetics, prismatics, and a luminous quality.

Glasscaster with Marcie Davis

Susan Silver Brown—Translating Ancient Art into Glass Sculpture

by Marcie Davis

Photography by Tim Lanterman

Marcie Davis interviews art historian and cast crystal glass artist, Susan Silver Brown, whose expedition to ancient caves in France changed her art forever. Always interested in anthropology and why art is essential to civilization and within that spirit, she seeks to create work that has a transforming effect on those who view it.

Winning Glass

Emerge 2012 

Bullseye Gallery presents an exhibit of work by finalists from Emerge 2012, Bullseye Glass Company’s seventh biennial juried kiln glass competition for emerging artists. The finalists for this exhibition, which recognizes students and early career artists rising through the ranks of kiln formed studio glass, were selected from over 300 entries.


SGAA 2012 Summer Classes 

The Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA) will once again award scholarships through the Dorothy L. Maddy and Maldeb Scholarship Funds for the classes being offered by the Stained Glass School, Inc., in conjunction with SGAA’s annual summer conference. In each scholarship year, tuition fees for classes completed before application deadlines are eligible.

Etched Glass Studio Profile

Quiet, Colorless, Beauty—Kathy Bradford’s Sandblasted Public Art 

by Shawn Waggoner

Photography by Tim Sutherland of Sutherland Photography

Kathy Bradford, who works in diverse styles from her Colorado mountain home, can create anything from realistic wildlife imagery to elegant, contemporary designs. Her sand-carved glass art, which includes large installations for architectural applications, is filled with subjects from nature.

What’s New

Presenting the latest in books and products for the glass art enthusiast 

by Darlene Welch

Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books and patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s New section of Glass Art. 


SAMA Launches New Website 

by Gwynn Kaitis 

Photography Courtesy of SAMA

The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA), an organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and promoting excellence in the mosaic arts, has a new website. The site gives members the ability to connect with other mosaic artists, provides a gallery for members’ work, and offers a place to obtain greater knowledge of the mosaic art form.

Skills and Techniques 

Kiln Crafting—Selecting the Right Mold for Projects 

Text and Photography by Gil Reynolds 

Gil Reynolds shares the basics for selecting the correct molds and bends for various kiln formed glass projects. Tips are also offered to help artists create their own glass bending molds and understand the principles of expansion and contraction.

Readers’ Forum

Glass Art readers share their impressions of the articles included in the magazine. This issue features a thank-you from Jean-Jacques Duval and Ann Wolff for the article featuring his and Dick Millard’s work and an apology to Blenko Glass for reporting in error that the company had closed in the March/April 2012 issue of Glass Art.

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