Mobile Glassblowing Studios, LLC

Map and Directions: West Lamar StreetAmericusGA

Street: 505 West Lamar Street
City: Americus
State: GA
Zip Code: 31709
E-mail: Email Label
Contact Person: Philip Vinson, CEO or Chuck Wells, President
Phone: 229-352-9988; 844-452-7246

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES FOR SALE:  We build affordable, high-quality, rugged, and versatile glassblowing furnace/glory hold combos and related studio equipment and accessories.

BRIEF ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: We are continuing to innovate to bring you the studio equipment you need for low-cost, efficient hot glass furnace work. Products for 2023 include the Phoenix with a Correll Recuperated burner and upgrades to our control and safety systems. Check out our website for updates and subscribe to our newsletter to hear from us as soon as new products are available! STAY SAFE & CREATIVE, FRIENDS!

PRODUCT TRADE NAMES:  Mini Dragon, Baby Dragon, Little Dragon, Big Dragon, Phoenix Furnace, CAT-60 Annealing Tube, FATCAT-60 Annealing Tube, Independent FATCAT-60 Annealing Tube