Johnson Manufacturing Company

Map and Directions: Lost Grove Rd, PO Box 96PrincetonIA

Street: 114 Lost Grove Rd, PO Box 96
City: Princeton
State: IA
Zip Code: 52768
Country: USA
E-mail: Email Label
Contact Person: Aaron Morrow
Phone: 800-747-0030 or 563-289-5123
Fax: 563-289-3825

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES:  Manufacturers of Johnson’s PureSolders, Soldering Fluxes, Paste Solders, Flux Sticks, Sal-Blocks, and a wide variety of related chemicals and supplies

BRIEF ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Johnson Manufacturing has been around since 1909.

PRODUCT TRADE NAMES:  Johnson®, L.B. Allen, S.A.-Day Products, plus-Flux-N-Solder, Lloyd’s, AlumaWeld, SuperBraze, Xcel, Fluxes, Flo-Rite pastes, SuperFlo Solder, and BrazeAL