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  On the cover of Glass Art’s final issue of 2015 is the work of Joseph Porcelli, who spent much of his mid career promoting, teaching, writing, and making videos about glass. “My generation of glass people put glass instruction on the map. We all shared the same sense of commitment. If we were going to teach people how to do something, we were going to teach them the right way.” Porcelli’s career began humbly at a small Brooklyn studio where he learned to make stained glass lamp shades. Now his original works sell at prestigious auction houses for thousands of dollars.

  A center for glass related information, inspiration, and promotion, The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York, bids farewell to its curator Tina Oldknow. Having retired in September 2015, the curator spent the last 15 years convincing the world to accept glass as art, one exhibition at a time. On March 20, 2015, Oldknow’s dreams, plans, and hard work came together with the opening of Corning’s new Contemporary Art + Design Wing. This latest expansion for the Museum is the largest space in the world devoted to the display and creation of contemporary art and design in glass.

  This issue of Glass Art also reviews a new PBS documentary, Pilchuck: A Dance with Fire, which presents the history of Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, as told through the eyes of early glass pioneers. In addition, we will introduce our readers to the Glass Workshop at the School of Art, Australian National University at Canberra (ANU), which has earned international respect for graduating glass artists with an innovative bent, and Janet Parkhurst, owner of Stained Glass Express, to whom business opportunities offer creative grist comparable to that of the right tools in the hands of an artisan.

  Glass Art continues its “Come Back to Glass” campaign with upcoming comprehensive online courses taught by industry experts through our Glass Expert Webinar™ and Master Glass Artisan Lecture Series™ programs. New Webinars will include Kaleidoscope Pattern Bars with Susan McGarry and Vitrigraphs with Dennis Brady plus Elastic Glass™ and Images on Glass classes with Barry Kaiser. Two new year-end Lectures will feature Marketing Art a New Way with Scott Ouderkirk and Printing with Light with Narcissus Quagliata. There are also many “Back by Popular Demand” offerings with great instructors including Joseph Porcelli, Corina Tettinger, Margot Clark and Dr. Jankauskas, Randy Wardell, and Tanya Veit.

  A Saturday class for all new Webinars will soon be introduced, allowing those who have weekends off and overseas attendees to participate. Visit www.glassartmagazine.com and click the “Glass Expert Webinars™” link under “What’s New” for complete details and dates on these and many more upcoming Lectures and Webinars. Check back often, since we add classes on a continual basis.


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