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Establishing New Directions in Glass

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   The Fall 2017 issue of Glass Art magazine begins with Judson Studios’ Resurrection Window, the largest single composition fused glass window in the world. For this ambitious project, Judson Studios collaborated with world-renowned artist Narcissus Quagliata to bring the vision of Judson designer Tim Carey to life. This represents the first time a notable liturgical window was created entirely from fused glass.

   In keeping with Glass Art’s dedication to covering functional glass, the fastest growing segment of our industry, this issue contains a comprehensive feature on Salt glass. Known for his one-of-a-kind creature pipes, Salt serves on Glass Alchemy’s artist board, contributing invaluable feedback to the development of new products for pipe makers and flameworkers. Independently, the artist has pioneered a variety of revolutionary technical advances including the Salt Perc.

   Interested in the dialogue between art and science, April Surgent is presently engaged in collaborations with research scientists to inform her work, focusing on remote conservation fieldwork and anthropogenic impact on vulnerable species and ecosystems. Like a photograph, Surgent’s landscapes and portraits in glass pack a powerful punch, but with the added elements of dimension, texture, and translucent light. Her fused and cameo engraved panels put a modern spin on the ancient techniques used to create them.

   In addition to keeping up with the many glass organizations and their activities, this issue also contains the annual Directory of Industry Supplies. This indispensable tool, available in print and online, provides the perfect way for artists, retailers, and suppliers to connect to make the buying and selling process mutually beneficial. These comprehensive alphabetical listings provide addresses, phone and fax numbers, contact names, products and services available, and brief comments from each glass art supplier.

   Listen while you work! Subscribe to Glass Art magazine’s Talking Out Your Glass podcast on iTunes or Stitcher by visiting the “Talking Out Your Glass Podcast” link under “What’s New” at www.glassartmagazine.com. Episodes include interviews with Banjo, Lino Tagliapietra, Susan Cox, David Fode, Sarah Hall, Robert Mickelsen, and many more.

   Fall is a great time to learn a new skill, and our Glass Expert Webinars™ provide the perfect way to add to your technical repertoire without ever leaving home. Visit our website for the complete Webinar schedule, which includes Paul Messink, Joe Porcelli, Lisa Vogt, Gil Reynolds, and more.


Developing new glass traditions in print and online,


Shawn Waggoner



Detail of Pipe by Salt.  


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