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The Definition of a Glass Artist




   The pages of the September/October 2015 issue of Glass Art are filled with talented individuals who define what it means to be a glass artist. Studio glass pioneer Paul Marioni has been pushing the limits of his medium for nearly five decades, redefining what is possible not only in process but content. At 73, he remains passionate about the “road show,” a grassroots effort started by artists like himself who wanted to spread knowledge and enthusiasm about glass to anyone who showed an interest.

   In philanthropic pursuit, flameworker Andrea Spencer works as an artist in residence in Ireland for Arts Care at Belfast City Hospital in an acute care setting. There she uses glass art to “bring more humanity into an environment that can be clinical and daunting.”

   As the investigation of renewable resources continues for hot glass studios everywhere, artist/educator Angus Powers built his first Roman or primitive daub furnace. This fully functional wood furnace with multiple pots of colored glass is capable of reaching contemporary temperatures and provides Powers with the opportunity to educate artists and students.

   Photographic sculptor Mary Van Cline’s inventive process often combines hot and cold glass techniques, cast elements, and photosensitized glass in one piece. Recently, the artist joined forces with DuPont to develop a method for infusing photographic images into safety glass expanding possibilities for outdoor and architectural applications.

   Inventive, ingenious, sharing. These qualities define glass artists around the globe.

   Each year in the September/October issue, Glass Art includes a Directory of Industry Supplies to help artists find the companies that provide the materials they need to create their art. In a world where the Internet seems to be king, you might see this printed directory as obsolete. The overwhelming listings found on the Internet, however, often provide little or no information about the company you are researching. It’s good to have a reliable listing of suppliers who have a proven track record of longevity in business and a solid reputation within the glass community right at your fingertips all year long—something you will find in every Directory of Industry Supplies from Glass Art.

   Retailers across the country are reporting a resurging interest in stained glass. Why not capitalize on that and start a “Come Back to Glass” campaign in your studio or store to show them what our industry has to offer. We’ll be doing the same with our Glass Expert Webinars™ during the week of September 15–17. In addition to the two stained glass sessions from Denny Berkery and Cathy Claycomb, we’ll be offering more advanced fusing, cold working, and business Webinars and Lectures. Visit www.glassartmagazine.com and click on the Glass Expert Webinar™ link under “What’s New” for complete details on these and many more upcoming Webinars.


Promoting glass artists from cover to cover—in print and online,


Shawn Waggoner



Blown Glass by Angus M. Powers



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