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You Can Go Home . . . and Should



  The cover of Glass Art’s May/June 2015 issue features a flameworked detail by Amber Cowan, winner of The Corning Museum of Glass 29th Rakow Commission. Cowan’s history as both teacher and teaching assistant at CMOG did not prepare her for the surprise of winning the prestigious award. “I feel like I grew up at Corning, and that made it special.” Her piece Garden of the Forgotten and Extinct on page 25 is now a part of Corning’s permanent collection.

  Studio Glass movement pioneer Scott Benefield further disproved the adage, “you can never go home,” by returning to Pilchuck Glass School to lead a team of 28 glassblowers in producing centerpieces for the school’s prestigious annual auction. Assuming the role of designer as distinct from that of a maker was an unusual experience for Benefield. His travels to the United States and the Far East, as he has worked across markets on those continents and Europe, led the artist to be less fearful of change within the glass industry. Benefield shares how to tailor one’s work toward the particular aesthetics and demands of any given market.

  Home is where the “art” is at Bullseye Glass Co., where kiln forming artists Ted Sawyer and Rachel Rader were surrounded by prestigious artists working on groundbreaking projects. Sawyer, director of Research and Education at Bullseye since 2002, confronts our notion of beauty in work that conjures a mood and energy inherent in its color and form. Rader, now working at UrbanGlass, combines the nuances of performance art and kiln formed glass, blurring the line between truth and fiction.

  Like the blossoms of spring, trade show season returns. From June 5–7, the 44th Annual Glass Art Society Conference, Interface: Glass, Art, and Technology, will take place in San Jose, California. The Stained Glass Association of America presents its 106th Annual Summer Conference, June 10–12, in Portland, Oregon, followed by The American Glass Guild’s 10th anniversary conference in Washington, D.C., held June 18–21. The summer show season ends with the International Society of Glass Beadmakers’ Forging Connections: Celebrating Community, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 15–19.

  If you can’t travel to a show or class, Glass Art magazine continues its ongoing series of Glass Expert Webinars™, including Fusing with Lisa Vogt, The Joy of Fusing with Randy Wardell, Fritography with Michael Dupille, and Images on Glass with Barry Kaiser. Visit www.glassartmagazine.com for details and times. No travel required!

Inviting readers to return home to the pages of Glass Art,                                             

Shawn Waggoner



Ted Sawyer, Loom



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