Letter from the Editor

A Second Wind for Studio Glass

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  Glass Art magazine’s May/June 2017 issue celebrates hot, warm, and cold glass through comprehensive and wide-ranging articles. Cover artist Lino Tagliapietra was in part responsible for the development of the Studio Glass movement we know today. In the 1970s, Tagliapietra shared his glassblowing expertise with Americans at Pilchuck and in turn was influenced by their enthusiasm for personally expressing themselves through glass. Tagliapietra cultivated a successful career as an artist, leaving factory work behind as the Studio Glass movement experienced unprecedented advancement.

  The waves of Tagliapietra’sinfluence are still being felt today. Preston Singletary, for example, has utterly debunked the notion that Native artists work best with traditional materials. Through private and public commissions as well as mainstream gallery commitments, Singletary’s new work is advancing both glass and contemporary Native American art. Another example can be found in the work of functional glass artist Banjo, who has never needed gallery support from the mainstream art world in order to sell his glass. Working glass in a torch to create mind-blowing psychedelic sculpture that transcends its functionality, the artist has attracted a legion of faithful fans and collectors on Instagram.

  Artists such as Singletary and Banjo are redefining traditional notions about the role of glass in art. These innovative ways of looking at glass are leading to increased sales, motivated collectors, and a renewed air of excitement about Studio Glass and its future.

  In response, Glass Art welcomes aspiring students to its 2017 schedule of comprehensive Glass Expert Webinars™. Go to www.glassartmagazine.com to see the complete list of exciting online workshops for growing your glass skills without ever leaving home. Glass Art also invites readers to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher to its popular, free podcast Talking Out Your Glass. Listen to interviews with the world’s most renowned glass artists while you create your latest masterpiece.


Advancing the glass arts, in print and online,

Shawn Waggoner



Lonely Trees by Paul Messink. Photo by the artist. 

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