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Pino Signoretto: Amore, Vita e Vetro

Love, Life, and Glass

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Maestro Pino Signoretto died suddenly on December 30, 2017, at the age of 73 in Murano, Italy. At the time of his passing, Signoretto knew he had been chosen for the Glass Art Society’s Lifetime Technical Achievement Award for Exceptional Achievement and Contributions to the Studio Glass Field. The glass community mourns his passing but is eternally grateful for the art and legacy he leaves behind.

Artist Sabrina Knowles writes: “As everyone knows, Pino was the best of the best when it came to sculpting glass. He was also the most giving in sharing his knowledge of glass and shared with all equally. The Studio Glass movement is forever enriched because of his generosity. There would not be the high caliber of sculpted glass in museums and galleries today if not for Pino’s teaching. His legacy will continue to grow and be acknowledged as the years pass. I am forever grateful to him for his inspiration, encouragement, and generosity. My life would not be what it is today without him. My deepest regards to his family and loved ones.”

Born in 1944 in a small town near Venice, Signoretto began working at a chandelier glassworks in 1954. He learned from the great masters Alfredo Barbini, Livio Seguso, Ermanno Nason, and Angelo Seguso. In 1978, 18 years after becoming a master glassmaker, Signoretto opened his own studio in Murano. Throughout the years, he collaborated with artists and architects and taught at several glass schools worldwide. A beloved mentor to countless glass artists, the Maestro was known for experimenting and encouraging students to push the boundaries of their material.

The March/April 2018 issue of Glass Art magazine presents artists who reflect Signoretto’s goals for glass. From Sandra Fuchs, combining kiln formed murrine with Muranese glassblowing, to Ginny Ruffner, who has merged hot glass with augmented reality, the artists featured in this issue have discovered groundbreaking fusions of process and aesthetic that make their work truly unique.

For the first time in Glass Art magazine’s history, functional art appears on our cover. This collaboration between Joe Peters and Banjo, two of the most respected and innovative artists in the field, pays homage to their skill and vision as flameworkers and tells us something of the thriving market for functional glass that they helped to create. This is art that functions, not functional glass.

As spring approaches, excitement builds for Il Percorso di Vetro – the Glass Path, the Glass Art Society’s 47th annual conference, to be held May 16–19, 2018, in Murano, Italy. This once-in-a-lifetime conference will connect attendees to both the past and future of glass. The winding path through the island’s remarkable history will inevitably inspire memories of Signoretto and make us miss him all the more.

La separazione è un dolore così dolce,

Parting is such sweet sorrow.


Shawn Waggoner



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