Letter from the Editor

2016: A Year to Expand Skills and Artistic Visions



  A new year begins with the promise of resolutions within reach, new goals on the horizon, and a fresh approach to both getting down to business and expanding creativity.

  Glass Art magazine’s first cover of 2016 features the new avventurina work of Italian maestro Davide Fuin. In its 65 pieces and rare copper-colored glass, Fuin’s collection makes an artistic statement about traditional technique and the unimaginable beauty possible only at the hand of a true maestro. This summer Fuin offers a first-ever glassblowing workshop at his studio in Murano, Italy.

  Our coverage of stained glass includes two groundbreaking artists. Mary Clerkin Higgins’ original creation Oh! won the American Glass Guild’s inaugural American Glass Now Award for Excellence in the Art of Stained Glass (AGNX) and was subsequently selected for the Corning Museum’s New Glass Review 3. By combining his skills as both author and artist, Scott Ouderkirk’s The Wind in the Islands created an interdependent one-two punch of book and glass art sales. This novel approach has helped Ouderkirk reach new audiences as well as new levels of creativity.

  While playing a seminal role in turning the Pacific Northwest into a glass mecca, Robert R Adamson remained true to his personal artistic goals. His Broken Fence series is an exploration of larger vessel forms on which color is layered like watercolor.

  Like Adamson in the days of his Glass Eye Studio in Seattle, Glass Art provides an avenue, in print and online, for artists to improve skills and expand visions. Our 2016 Webinar program now includes Tuesday evening Webinars from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. EST and Saturday Webinars from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. Visit the Glass Expert Webinbars™ link under “What’s New” at www.glassartmagazine.com for complete details on these upcoming 2016 Webinars.


Vitrigraph with Dennis Brady, January 5 and January 9

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Fancy Staments with Corina Tettinger, January 16

Creating Accents & Artisans with Margot Clark 

and Dr. Saulius Jankauskas, January 19

Joy of Fusing with Randy Wardell, January 21

The Pebble Experience with Tanya Veit, January 23 and January 30

Mold Making Magic with Gil Reynolds, January 28

Elastic Glass™, A Revolutionary Product in Fused Glass

with Barry Kaiser, 

February 2 and February 6

Boro Hearts with Brent Graber, February 9

Striving to serve as your mecca for the latest glass information,


Shawn Waggoner



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