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May/June 2005 **DIGITAL**

May/June 2005 **DIGITAL**
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Digital Version for download--Print Version and CD Version also available

Dino Rosin: Fine Art Sculptor in Glass
By Debbie Tarsitano
Debbie Tarsitano traces the life and times of Dino Rosin, fine art sculptor in glass. Dino and older brother Loredano experimented with “Calcedonia,” one of the most unusual types of early glass in Murano written about as long ago as the mid-15th century. The lost formula for Calcedonia reappeared during the 19th century, and then was lost again until through trials and experiments, the Rosin brothers rediscovered it in modern times. Their introduction of eerie striations and unusual colors of Calcedonia into their sculptures enhanced the work and gave it a mysterious energy that is difficult to describe because each batch of Calcedonia is unique.

Coldworking Glass: Part VII The Level Playing Field
By Milon Townsend
Milon Townsend demonstrates how this flameworked chess board, featuring the famous level playing field in the center, is assembled using UV adhesive.

For the Love of Beads: Jennifer Geldard’s Glowing Glass
By Donna Strong
Jennifer Geldard, also known as glass girl via her website, is a woman with great affinity for the ocean. While growing up in Massachusetts, she spent long hours gazing at the creatures in nearby tidal pools. Today, she still possesses a childlike ability to lose herself and become completely absorbed in her creative process as a bead artist.

ICANN Or I Can’t Lose My Domain Name Without Knowing It?
by Ann Sanborn
It can be very hard to defend yourself against domain theft. In today’s world, losing your domain name can be just as devastating to your income as credit card fraud. Everyone who owns a domain needs to be concerned about keeping ownership of it in the current “slamming” environment. Ann Sanborn explains what you should know and more importantly, what you can do to protect your domain.

Chick of the Sea
By Butch Young
Butch Young answers the most universal question asked by students: what should I do with my piece now that it’s finished? In this and the next issue, Young describes pieces that have been creatively and imaginatively transformed from a flat piece of blasted glass, into stunning and totally different destinations.

Kristina Logan’s Spiritual Conversion
by Shawn Waggoner
Kristina Logan’s beads, jewelry and objects have been exhibited in galleries internationally. Currently, the artist travels extensively throughout the United States and Europe teaching workshops and lecturing on contemporary American glass beads and jewelry. In the following conversation with Glass Art magazine, Logan, “the Dot Queen,” discusses her evolution from sculpture to beads and back again, her approach to design and color, her most recent works and what it takes to be a master beader.

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