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Jan/Feb 2005 **DIGITAL**

Jan/Feb 2005 **DIGITAL**
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Digital Version for download--Print Version and CD Version also available

The Nature of Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen
by Shawn Waggoner
If you had to choose one word to describe Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen and her glass sculpture it would be: joyful. Willenbrink-Johnsen is inspired by dog shows, rodeos and bird watching. Her passion for nature has taken root in her hot sculpted glass works, forming an indelible kinship. In the following conversation with Glass Art magazine, Willenbrink-Johnsen discusses her newest works in glass and her arrival as hot glass artist extraordinaire.

Restoration: The Definition and Practice – Part II
by Dick Millard
Repair, restoration or re-lead...ripoff? This is a question posed with the most serious concern in the second and final installment of Dick Millard's series. He firmly believes the overwhelming majority of work which has been presented as "restoration" for the past 25-plus years has been little more than re-leading.

Evaluating Your Online Shopping Cart: Part II
by Ann Sanborn
In the last issue, Ann Sanborn addressed ways to promote art glass online and evaluate shopping carts. In this issue, she provides additional online marketing solutions to round out your marketing plan.

International Flameworking Conference, March 18 – 20, 2005
Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

The Suck Stops Here
by Butch Young
Butch Young builds her own dust collector.

New Light from the Shadows: Berlin’s Synagogue at Rykestrasse
by Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel
There is a building in Berlin whose light was nearly extinguished, but now shines anew. That it does so after a hundred years of triumphs and tragedies is a credit to the spirit of its congregation, and to the remarkable artist/architect team of Ruth Golan and Kay Zareh. Their work is an inspiring demonstration of restoration as part artistry, part balancing act - a task that when done well, with imagination, sensitivity and determination, can help bring a building back to life. Sarah Hall and Jeffrey Kraegel report.

Problem Solving Guide for Kiln-working Glass: Part IV
by Dan Fenton
In this installment, Dan Fenton discusses causes and solutions for foreign material on the glass surface, non-glass inclusions that won't fuse and colors that change in the firing.

Coldworking Glass: Part VI Ultraviolet Adhesives
by Milon Townsend
Milon Townsend demonstrates how to use ultraviolet (UV) adhesives. We see UV bonding in many areas including dentistry, electronics and our special area of interest: glass. UV glue has a "photo-initiator" built into the formula, which when exposed to ultraviolet radiation causes the material to harden very quickly. Most UV adhesives set within 10 to 20 seconds and fully cure within 2 to 5 minutes. This is a huge advantage over other adhesives that can take 24 hours to fully cure. The quick setting time of UV adhesives allows the rapid assembly of objects with multiple joints within minutes or hours, instead of days.

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