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July/August 2006 **CD**

July/August 2006 **CD**
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Glass Art July/August 2006 issue

CD Version (non-refundable unless defective)

Domesticity Gone Awry: Susan Taylor Glasgow
by Shawn Waggoner
Once a seamstress, Susan Taylor Glasgow now sews glass panels together to create translucent sculpture which depicts 1950s imagery and fairy tale characters in an attempt to examine domestic expectations and traditional roles of men and women.

Be One Step Ahead of the Solicitors:
Regain Control of Your Personal Information and Privacy
by Ann Sanborn
Regain Control of Your Personal Information and Privacy
Ann Sanborn presents four main ways to take control of your personal information and reduce communications from solicitors.

Patrice and Her Many Coats of Color
by Butch Young
Butch Young examines the use of color on sandblasted glass.

The American Glass Guild Conference
by Ardra K. Hartz
The American Glass Guild is an organization dedicated to the open and widespread dissemination of correct information and intelligent, informed opinions about stained, leaded and decorative glass. It is an inclusive organization and actively seeks the participation of all people with an interest in these diverse arts.

Freeze ‘N’ FuseTM A Cool New Pate de Verre Technique
by Paul Kimball
Paul Kimball introduces Freeze 'N' Fuse, a new method for creating three-dimensional glass pieces without refractory molds developed by Pyros Glass Studio.ÿUse this step-by-step guide to try it.

Flameworking Part 2:
A Conversation with Thomas Riley, Gallery Owner
by Debbie Tarsitano
In this conversation with Debbie Tarsitano, Tom Riley, a well-known gallery owner and art connoisseur, advises flamework artists to prepare their work to face the world by creating compelling designs from conception to presentation. Riley is the owner of the Thomas R. Riley Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, and has been interested in and encouraging the art of flameworking since the late 1970s.

International Flameworking Conference Spotlights Ginny Ruffner’s Career

Defining Dichroic Glass:
Ways to Incorporate this Mysterious and Alluring Coated Glass in Your Beads
by Pat Frantz
Whether you use a little or a lot, dichroic glass can be a powerful element in any bead artist's work. Pat Frantz reports.

Ad Astra per Aspera (To the Stars Through Difficulties):
The Cosmosphere Stained Glass Memorial
by Tiffany Rayer and Mary Beth Palyash
Tiffany Rayer and Mary Beth Palyash lead us through the creation of the Cosmosphere stained glass memorial installed at The Kansas Cosmosphere Museum and Space Center, Hutchinson, Kansas. Artist Randall Rayer, C.E.O. of Rayer's Bearden Stained Glass, Wichita, Kansas, developed the concept and collaborated with 19 artists who volunteered over 4,000 hours in the creation of the 8' x 11' panel.

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