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Monday, 25 January 2021 16:09

Paul Messink LIVE Webinar

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Blue Water Lily300x300

As an artist who works with layered clear glass, Paul's journey in glass has also been a journey in learning how to control bubbles in his work.  While bubbles are often just accepted as a part of the kiln process, it’s been his goal to eliminate any distractions or imperfections that take away from the finished artwork.

In this webinar you’ll get a complete understanding of where bubbles come from, and how to deal with them effectively.  Paul wiill discuss techniques to reduce or even eliminate bubbles from layered work, along with the key changes to your firing schedules that will help you create bubble-free work.

Whether you are working in 2 layers or 20, you will learn how to achieve a clarity in your artwork that lets your designs take center stage.

No Traveling Required!

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