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GlassArt September October2018Cover133x172GlassArt September October2018Cover163x211GlassArt September October2018Cover354x459

The September/October 2018 issue of Glass Art provides information for glass enthusiasts on hot, warm, and cold glass. Included in this exciting edition are profiles on warm glass artist Marguerite Beneke, who combines figurative and abstract images using collage techniques, and Peter Muller, who continues to push the boundaries of functional glass. Paul Tarlow shares tips for success in cold working glass, and Milon Townsend encourages artists to take the risks necessary for artistic growth. A look at portable glassblowing furnaces from Mobile Glassblowing Studios, glass organizational news, and Glass Art’s annual Directory of Industry Supplies, which lists glass manufacturers, suppliers, products, and services, round out this fantastic issue. Subscribe Today at


GlassArt July August2018Cover133x172GlassArt July August2018Cover163x211GlassArt July August2018Cover354x459

The July/August 2018 issue of Glass Art provides information for hot, warm, and cold glass enthusiasts. Included in this exciting edition is a look at the delicate spun glass work of glass pioneer Toots Zynsky, the functional glass art of Marble Slinger, realistic fused wooded landscapes by Miriam Di Fiore, and the unique stained glass designs by Marie-Pascale Foucault-Phipps. Glass art marketing tips, techniques for achieving the best schedules for fusing glass, information on educational opportunities, glass organization events, and juried exhibitions, winners of the Glass Craft & Bead Expo Gallery of Excellence and the Mosaic Arts international 2018 entries, and the latest in glass industry news round out this fabulous issue. Subscribe today at


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