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Wednesday, 21 October 2009 00:00

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GlassArt July August2019Cover133x172GlassArt July August2019Cover163x211GlassArt July August2019Cover354x459

The September/October 2022 Annual Directory of Industry Supplies from Glass Art® is filled with loads of information for glass lovers. A look at the Islamic-inspired stained glass panels by Ingrid Parrington reveals intricate designs that require many weeks to create. Readers are also introduced to the striking stained glass lamp shades from Jerry Preston and John Emery of Preston Studios and the pâte de verre sculptures of wartime symbols created by U.S. Army veteran and glass artist Geoffrey Bowton. Vicki Schneider shares the work of Janis Miltenberger, Nina Casson McGarva, Caterina Urrata Weintraub, and Shane Fero in our Artist to Artist column. Rounding out this issue are highlights from the American Glass Guild 2022 Summer Conference at The Corning Museum of Glass, a look at the newest International Society of Glass Beadmakers President’s Collection to be added to past collections at Corning, the Contemporary Glass Society’s exhibition at the Stourbridge Glass Museum, and the marking of Glass Art Society celebrating fifty years of glass art. Subscribe today at Subscribe today at www. 


GlassArt May June2019Cover133x172GlassArt May June2019Cover163x211GlassArt May June2019Cover354x459

The July/August 2022 issue of Glass Art® is filled with profiles of exceptional glass artists plus tips for improving your own creations. Glass art pioneer Paul J. Stankard, who challenged the angle from which glass paperweights are viewed, has created a thoughtfully authentic artistic language. A look at the mosaic art of Connie Vetter-Johnson explores how she uses thousands of glass shards that flow almost seamlessly to create photorealistic portraits. Readers are also introduced to Sibylle Peretti, Austin Stern, Stine Bidstrup, and Yukiko Sugano, the Fall and Winter residency recipients at The Corning Museum of Glass. Murano flameworking artists Amy West, Davide Fuin, co-owners of the El Cocal all-female flameworking studio Marianna Oliboni and Chiara Lee Taiaro, Lucia Santini, and Mauro Vianello discuss how their studios have been affected by the European gas crisis, and Milon Townsend shares the benefits of using implosion and compression techniques when encasing glass sculptures with borosilicate. Rounding out this issue is news from the American Glass Guild on its upcoming 2022 Summer Conference at The Corning Museum of Glass and the Contemporary Glass Society’s latest exhibition partnership with the Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds, UK. Subscribe today at Subscribe today at www. 

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