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July/August 2011 **PRINT**

 Letter from the Editor

For the Love of Glass 

Glass Art editor Shawn Waggoner gives readers an overview of what awaits them in the July/August 2011 issue and reminds us all of the beauty and inspiration to be found in making what we love in glass.

by Shawn Waggoner

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Hot Glass Studio Profile

Margaret Zinser 

While working on her masters in entomology, Margaret Zinser became disillusioned with the chase for money and decided to pursue her love of creating in glass instead of the world of academe. Drawing from her studies, she creates sculptured beads that feature the shapes and colors found in the insects she once studied.

by Colleen Bryan 

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Pioneers in Glass

A Paper Wake for Master Glass Painter, Richard Millard, 1935–2011

A Legacy, a Legend, the Last of His Kind

Richard Millard was a renowned Master glass painter, co-author of Painting on Glass, and publisher and illustrator of the monthly newsletter Guidelines. His passing created a large void in the hearts of all those who loved him and studied with him to gain insight into his phenomenal glass painting techniques. 

by Shawn Waggoner

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Show Talk

Booth Design and Merchandising—Basic Elements for Planning a Booth 

Bruce Baker shares the importance, when planning a show booth, of not letting the booth design itself steal attention from the work inside, taking into consideration generalized principles that are universally true, and making sure the proportion and style of the booth materials do not complete with the artwork.

by Bruce Baker

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Tech Talk

Top Tips for Managing Your E-mail—Maintaining Multiple Accounts for Optimal Performance 

Ann Sanborn shares some of the secrets of successfully managing the avalanche of e-mail that we all receive by maintaining separate accounts for business and personal e-mails, as well as for surfing the Web.

by Ann Sanborn

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Marketing Art in an Internet Age 

Frit painting artist, Michael Dupille, and hot glass artist, Margaret Zinser, share some of the ways that they have found to use the Internet for marketing their art, including making use of Facebook and Skype. New Internet technologies are constantly being developed that provide ways to make it possible for artists to become more connected with patrons and introduce their art to new followers.

by Colleen Bryan 

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Independent Artist

Artist-Produced Educational Videos—Counting the Cost 

Before beginning any educational video project, an artist should first consider the cost, not only in terms of money and where it will come from, but also in terms of the value of an artist’s time that will be required to complete the project.

by Milon Townsend 

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Historical Perspectives

Corning’s Masters of Studio Glass: Toots Zynzky

Influential Work Transcends Traditional Glass Techniques 

The Corning Museum of Glass presents a look at the work of groundbreaking artist, Toots Zynsky, a pioneer of the studio glass movement. In an interview with the artist, she shares how she developed the various techniques for which she is famous, including her filet-de-verre art.

by Shawn Waggoner 

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Honoring Albinus Elskus—Designer, Painter, and Beloved Teacher 

The Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA) has dedicated the third puzzle in its fundraising series to honor the work of Master stained glass painter, Albinas Elskus, who created a highly collectible body of work during his lifetime that is featured in galleries throughout the world.

by The Staff of the Stained Glass Association of America 

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SAMA—At the Cutting Edge of the International Contemporary Mosaic Art Movement 

The mosaic arts, which have their beginnings in the ancient world, have advanced through the ages from simple materials to today’s use of a wide range of materials. The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) continues to champion this art form through its annual juried show. 

by Gwyn Kaitis 

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ISGB—Making a Difference to Beadmakers Everywhere 

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) continues to make a difference to beadmakers everywhere by providing exhibition opportunities, support, and examples of new techniques. Members are always happy to provide inspiration to new members and share what they have learned in their quest for new designs.

by Nina “Sam” Hibbler 

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AGG News

From the Workbenches of the American Glass Guild . . . 

The members of the American Glass Guild are always busy creating beautiful examples of stained glass art, which is very evident in this stunning display from nine of the organization’s members.

by Nonnie Lyketsos

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What’s New

Presenting the Latest in Books and Products for the Glass Enthusiast 

Keeping up with the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books and patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of Glass Art.

by Darlene Welch

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Retailer Profile

McAllen Stained Glass 

Recent winner of the Art Glass Association’s Stained Glass Retailer of the Year Award, Yoli Cantu, operates McAllen Stained Glass with her father Hector Reyna. They have found success through their dedication to quality commission work, workshops for children as well as adults, and providing an opportunity for “Winter Texans” to create glass art during their time in McAllen.

by Colleen Bryan

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Casting XXVI 

Casting Panels—Using a Frit-Filled Refractory Mold to Create a Dimensional Image 

Casting artist, Milon Townsend, shares the twenty-sixth installment in a series of tutorials on Casting Panels. In this tutorial, Milon covers the use of molds for creating panel details and techniques for blending the frit used to fill them.

by Milon Townsend

Advertisers’ Index

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