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Letter from the Editor

Reinventing the Glass Wheel



When I reveal to nonglass people that I edit and write for a magazine exclusively dedicated to glass art, often the reaction is one of surprise—surprise that a magazine with this focus exists and that there would be enough interesting information to fill it year after year. Finding compelling subjects to cover has never been a problem, and this issue of Glass Art pays tribute to the many brilliant and talented artists aesthetically or technically redefining the medium.

The professional and personal camaraderie initiated and continued by Benjamin Moore at his studio BMI is both the cornerstone of his success and the hallmark of the Seattle glass experience. His top-notch glassblowing team makes the work of the world’s finest artists and designers, at once paying homage to and putting their own twist on the traditional Italian glassblowing tradition.

On the West Coast, artist and educator Mary B. White explores environmental topics using recycled glass. Her work, which includes solar powered birdbaths, glass watershed maps, and glass flood-level markers, reflects an interest in sustainable practice and reducing her personal carbon footprint. Using recycled glass has inspired a new approach to her sculpture, requiring unprecedented experimentation, trial, and error.

Two fusing pioneers, Richard La Londe and Michael Dupille, began their careers by inventing the tools, techniques, and products they needed to express more spontaneously with fused glass. La Londe’s Liquid Glass Line process and Dupille’s Tranchant du Verre provide the next generation of artists with new methods for kiln working glass.

Whether hot, warm, or cold glass is your passion, this issue of Glass Art showcases the variety of artists and ways in which they reinvent the medium of glass to make art with content and impact. History will show that glass artists did not exclusively rely upon the seductive qualities of the material, but pushed it beyond its inherent beauty to say something relevant about inner and outer worlds.


Inspiring you to find your true voice in glass,


 Shawn Waggoner                                                                                                                             

 Editor                                                              Fuchsia Rim Mandala Richard La Londe fuchsiarimmandalaletterpage

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