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   Glass Quest 2017 took place May 26–28 in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. Sponsored by WardellProducts.com and McMow Art Glass, the event offered a full weekend of entertainment and engagement presented by brilliant teachers and glass visionaries including featured presenters Maureen James, Tony Glander, Leslie Perlis, Peter McGrain, Dawndae HK Hamilton, Lisa Vogt, Phil Materio, Randy Wardell, Jenny Mesirow, and Mike Glotfelty.

   Saturday’s keynote speaker Maureen James, publisher of Glass Art, The Flow, and Glass Patterns Quarterly magazines, presented her unique understanding of today’s issues, exciting future possibilities, and ways in which artists can publish their work. Held in a building adjacent to Habatat Galleries, a Glass Quest reception at the gallery provided a memorable part of the weekend. “There was wonderful networking among several area studios, and I heard firsthand that they were so glad they attended. Taylor Materio really did an amazing job of organizing the event.”

   One of the highlights was a roundtable discussion with some of the featured presenters moderated by Shannon Materio. They addressed glass as an art form, a craft, a business, and a culture. Attendees also enjoyed a Q&A portion of the discussion and were able to ask both technical and business related questions. Look for more details on this event in a future issue.

   Glass Art is thrilled to be part of keeping this beloved medium alive and well. The cover of the July/August 2017 issue features the artwork of David Fode, who has adapted ancient techniques of the Munich school in his painting of modern subjects on glass. Fode’s contemporary content helps legitimize the stained glass craft by appealing to today’s art viewing and art buying audience.

   A further adaptation of the stained glass craft can be seen in the work of Sarah Hall, who has refined a unique and high-tech approach to architectural glass. Through the use of photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy into electricity, Hall’s windows can store sunlight by day in order to backlight the glass at night. The cells can also produce clean electricity that feeds directly into their respective buildings’ energy systems.

   Adapting to his changing market, flameworker Robert Mickelsen gracefully transitioned from sculptural to functional glass, promoting his artwork to an entirely new fan base. This move has resulted in the most successful years of his career.

   To assist our readers in responding to changing times via growth and exploration of new opportunities, Glass Art presents its 2017 schedule of comprehensive Glass Expert Webinars™. Go to www.glassartmagazine.com to see the complete list of exciting online workshops for growing your glass skills without ever leaving home. We invite readers to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher to our free and popular podcast Talking Out Your Glass™. Listen to interviews with the world’s most renowned glass artists for inspiration and information needed to adapt to today’s evolving art market.


Guiding you through changing tides, in print and online, 

Shawn Waggoner



Autumn Trail by Paul Messink. Photo by the artist. 


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