Letter from the Editor

The Global Glass Community Lives Strong in 2018


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The November/December 2018 issue of Glass Art begins with Kelly O’Dell’s homage to threatened and extinct species. Using the fragility and translucency of glass to create ghost animals to honor all that have been lost, the artist endeavors to inspire environmentally mindful changes in our daily routines while providing hope for a different future—important issues to contemplate as we face a new year of life on the planet.

Celebrating our global glass community, international coverage includes Davide Penso, who captures the look of water in motion through his anemone beads and more recently his flowing and elegant Seaweed sculptures. Made at his studio in Murano, Italy, Penso’s glass jewelry and fashion were on view at the Glass Art Society fashion show held at the organization’s Murano conference in May 2018.

This issue also showcases the dazzling and disciplined flameworking technique known as montage, a quintessential part of the artistic heritage of Lauscha, Germany. Artists who have mastered montage combine many individual sections of glass tubing, resulting in tremendously complex vessels.

The worldwide glass village embraces philanthropy through projects such as the Armadillo Art Glass Initiative, a glassblowing and fundraising effort based in Austin, Texas, that has successfully raised over $250,000 for Meals on Wheels Central Texas over the last six years. Borosilicate glass artists volunteer their time for one weekend each year to create pieces that are sold in silent and live auctions at the event and afterwards through social media.

As we near the end of 2018, Glass Art magazine’s 14,200 Instagram followers and 5,901 Facebook followers prove that international community can be encouraged and supported online. Our Talking Out Your Glass podcast has attracted more than 60,000 downloads in its first three seasons. Recent episodes include Shane Fero, Richard La Londe, Kelly O’Dell, Marcel Braun, Nancy Nicholson, Davide Penso, and Peter Muller. Subscribe free on iTunes or Stitcher to hear fascinating interviews with glass artists worldwide by visiting the “Talking Out Your Glass Podcast” link under “What’s New” at www.glassartmagazine.com.

Our Glass Expert Webinars™ provide the perfect way to add to your technical repertoire without ever leaving home. Forever links are now available that provide unlimited viewing. Upcoming Webinars include Creating a Heirloom in Glass with Susan Hirsch, Creative Slumping with Lisa Vogt, Mold Making with Gil Reynolds, and Simply Super Sandblasting with Dennis Brady. Visit our website to see the complete lineup.


Forging an international glass community, in print and online,

Shawn Waggoner



Portrait of Lafarge as a Jolthead Porgy by Linda Lichtman.

                                                                                                                                                                                Portrait of LaFarge as a Jolthead Porgy LichmanLetter300                                                                                                                                                                        

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