Letter from the Editor

New Year, New Goals for Glass



  In 2015, glass artists and craftspeople will continue melding traditional art and craft mediums with innovative concepts, materials, and techniques. In doing so, viewers are invited to explore both cutting-edge design and a mastery of process in works that explore a range of glass possibilities—hot, warm, and cold.

  In the first issue of the new year, Amanda Simmons creates exotic kiln formed and cameo engraved glass vessels that evoke emotion and investigate why we connect with objects. Working from her studio in Corsock near Castle Douglas, Scotland, Simmons manipulates opaque glass powders to allow for varying translucency as the form elongates in the kiln. Cold working processes are enlisted to shape and mark the glass. “I love the physical and chemical challenges working with glass offers. For me, it consolidates what I have learned in previous science-based careers.”

  Also in this issue, Glass Art fittingly presents the work of hot glass artist Filip Vogelpohl. His personal work is evenly split between commercial lighting and dramatic hot glass artworks for restaurants, private homes, and random investigations of concepts that pique his personal curiosity. Vogelpohl observes that the technology of glassmaking continues to evolve, bringing different tools and methods to working with this ancient art form and carrying it in interesting new directions. “The iron curtain on knowledge about glassmaking has lifted, which is good for spreading the craft to a broadening world.”

  Stained glass artists continue pushing the aesthetic envelope, introducing modern content to their ancient craft, but they face challenges in terms of finding places to exhibit, sell, and celebrate their work. After 14 years at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois, The Smith Museum of Stained Glass has closed its doors to make room for a new retail, entertainment, and hotel district. It’s hard to know what will happen to the Smith collection, but stained glass lovers everywhere hope that someone, somewhere, will jump into the breach and fill the void left behind.

  On the doorstep of 2015, Glass Art wishes to express gratitude to our readers, advertisers, and supporters around the globe. We look forward to another year of providing the latest glass related information and industry news.


Helping glass artists reach new heights in 2015,                                                      

Shawn Waggoner


                              Colbalt Burst 3 by Filip Vogelpohl                                                                   CobaltBurst3


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