Letter from the Editor

A Call to Help Our Colored Glass Manufactures

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  Glass art was born of a grassroots movement that evolved into a close-knit family of artists and industry working with and producing the raw materials that are handcrafted into hot, warm, and cold artworks. Now recent political and environmental events threaten the foundations of glass art worldwide, leaving most of us wondering what we can do and how we can help.

  Stained and colored glass manufacturing is a homegrown American industry that provides jobs as well as goods for export. The six manufacturers in our industry are facing $2.5–3.5 million of capital investment with no advance warning due to regulatory changes. This investment may prove too much for some of them to bear.

  In order for our industry’s manufacturers to meet the goals of new regulations in a short time frame, your help is essential. Contact your senators and congressmen to inform them of the risk to our unique American manufacturing specialty of colored and decorative glass. Our government needs to know what’s at stake.

  The media must be informed as well. Talking points should include the fact that colored glass manufacturers are willing to meet new regulations but need reasonable time to do so. Many of these companies are owned by individuals and do not have the resources of publicly traded corporations. However, their goal is to find resolution and continue to supply thousands of other businesses and craftspeople with the unique glass necessary to complete their work.

  The American art glass industry is at risk as the result of the current environmental and political climate. Your participation is imperative to ensure the survival of glass art as we know it today.

Encouraging everyone to get involved,

Shawn Waggoner


                                    Blown and fused pieces by Troy Moody.                                                                                                                                                                                      blownfusedMoody                                                                     


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