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Endless Possibilities

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This January/February issue of Glass Art magazine includes a cornucopia of information on hot, warm, and cold glass. Our hot glass cover artists Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles believe that collectively humanity can affect change and create something more beautiful together than separately. This feeling of reverence and solidarity is the thread that connects all of their work in sculpted hot glass from their Homage series and their Wheel of Liberation to their latest portraits in glass.

Whether gallery work or public installations, Susan Hirsch’s Fire Fusion Studio in Southern California produces warm glass art that reflects the endless possibilities of her material and techniques. The artist’s signature line of fused and slumped glass sculpture features poetry, lyrics, or other messages embedded in multilayered patterns, textures, and finishes. She believes these words help viewers think differently and more deeply about the work than is possible when using color and form alone.

For Nancy Gong, her creative process in cold glass involves identifying an artistic problem and choosing a medium and approach to best advance its solution. The artist discusses the technologies she has found useful to date, key challenges and opportunities with respect to each, and the way she evaluates emerging technologies in an ever changing artistic environment. Artist Joseph Cavalieri also demonstrates the benefits of digital designs including importing and combining found images and drawings, updating the colors in your work, and transferring the image to a silk screen for printing on glass.

Technology introduces endless possibilities to the way we make art, but also to the way we access information and learn new skills. Though polling suggests that most readers continue to prefer the print version of Glass Art magazine, subscriptions are also available digitally. Learning online is one of the most popular means of acquiring new skills, which is why Glass Art also offers its Glass Expert Webinars™. Visit our website to see the complete list of exciting online workshops for growing your glass skills without ever leaving home.

As 2018 begins, our nearly 11,000 Instagram followers and 4,000 Facebook followers prove that technology now plays a vital role in the advancement of the glass arts. Our Talking Out Your Glass podcasts have attracted more than 34,000 downloads in the first two seasons. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher to hear fascinating interviews with glass artists worldwide by visiting the “Talking Out Your Glass Podcast” link under “What’s New” at www.glassartmagazine.com.


Supporting glass art through technology,

Shawn Waggoner


Victorian Lady and Child by Susan Hirsch



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