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Supplying our Industry with a Directory . . . and Direction


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In celebration of diversity and global glass enthusiasm, Glass Art magazine presents the kiln work of Marguerite Beneke. From the Karoo, a semidesert, fossil-rich natural landscape formed by the headwaters of ancient rivers in the southern part of Africa, the artist fuses float glass, adding color primarily through enamels and spare use of traditional colored glass.

Acknowledging the importance of making glass art sustainable, our ongoing series, “Working Greener,” features Mobile Glassblowing Studios. In 2015, Phil Vinson and Chuck Wells started the company to produce portable and economical furnaces for glassblowers of all levels. One of the most interesting and recent developments is a retrofit veggie oil burner. Once this innovation is fine-tuned, glassblowers will be able to locally source cooking oil from restaurants and use it as fuel for their furnaces, a green solution that’s advantageous to the glassblower and the restaurant.

The voodoo doll bubblers and button-eyed patchwork puppet pipes of Peter Muller push the boundaries of functional glass and are easily recognizable in top-notch glass collections. In recent years the artist has participated in various solo and group exhibitions, collaborations, live demos, and regular drops of work all over the United States. In June 2017, Ruckus Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, presented Seamless, the most comprehensive exhibition of the artist’s full body of work.

In addition to our ongoing series, “Skills and Techniques” by Paul Tarlow and “Creativity” by Milon Townsend, this issue also contains the annual “Directory of Industry Supplies.” An indispensable tool available in print and online, it connects artists, retailers, and suppliers, making the buying and selling process mutually beneficial. These comprehensive, alphabetical listings provide addresses, phone and fax numbers, contact names, products and services available, and brief comments from each glass art supplier.

For more glass art inspiration, listen while you work! Subscribe to Glass Art magazine’s Talking Out Your Glass podcast free on iTunes or Stitcher by visiting the “Talking Out Your Glass Podcast” link under “What’s New” at www.glassartmagazine.com. Attracting over 50,000 downloads, recent episodes include fused glass artist and master of painting with powders and frits, Miriam Di Fiore; hot glass pioneer, Toots Zynsky; flameworking bead artist turned sculptor, Davide Penso; and groundbreaking functional glass artist, Peter Muller.

Our Glass Expert Webinars™ provide the perfect way to add to your technical repertoire without ever leaving home. As technology changes, we are changing with it and now offer Forever Links for the recorded Webinars, providing unlimited viewing to anyone who purchases a seat in a live Webinar class. You do not have to be present in the class to receive the link for the recorded Webinar. Two brand new offerings include Richard La Londe’s Float Glass with Enamels and Metals Lecture, August 30, and Susan McGarry’s Advanced Kaleidoscope Pattern Bar Design Webinar, September 6, plus an impressive future lineup for online learning to expand your glass skills.

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Shawn Waggoner



Okay, You Convinced Me by Paul Tarlow.

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