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The Glass Art Society held its 47th annual conference in Murano, Italy, May 16–20, 2018. The international event included demonstrations by world renowned glass artists including studio glass pioneer Toots Zynsky. On the cover of Glass Art magazine’s July/August 2018 issue, Zynsky made possible her gracefully spiraling sculptures by co-inventing a machine that uses electronic software to create glass thread. As one of a group of pioneering artists who studied with Dale Chihuly at Rhode Island School of Design, she helped make studio glass a worldwide phenomenon and in 1971 assisted in founding Pilchuck Glass School.  

With an additional nod to artists working in Italy, Glass Art presents the sculptures of Miriam Di Fiore. From the small village of Mornico Losana, this kiln worker creates breathtaking images in fused glass at her Arco Iris Glass Studio. Based on original photography, the places where the artist has been in the company of trees are translated by combining soft flameworking, fusing, and multiple firings, all in the same stunning piece.

Representing cold glass with an international flare, French native Marie-Pascale Foucault-Phipps creates personal work that is the antithesis of the restorations she carried out early in her career. Painting directly on both sides of the glass with no sketch, the artist relies on plating, acid etching, and engraving to produce an organic, textured appearance in her autonomous panels.

With a similar defiance to “the rules,” Marble Slinger’s 2012 documentary film Degenerate Art chronicled and in some ways changed the history of functional glass through its popularity and widespread distribution. The film, whose title references a German expression used by the Nazi regime to criticize nonconformist art, inspired multitudes of artists to take up pipe making as their passion and profession.

Glass Art remains committed to helping readers make original art in their original voice. By sharing stories in print and on our podcasts of artists who have walked the path, we hope to inspire and inform. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher to hear fascinating interviews with glass artists worldwide by visiting the “Talking Out Your Glass Podcast” link under “What’s New” at www.glassartmagazine.com. To date, the show has attracted more than 45,000 downloads.

Many artists don’t have the opportunity to take classes on the road, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn from world renowned glass art instructors. Our Glass Expert Webinars™ allow them to meet the artists and ask questions directly about the process along the way. The close-up view provided in the Webinars is very beneficial in seeing exactly how something is done. Visit our website for the complete list of exciting online seminars for growing your glass skills without ever leaving home.

Encouraging your uniquely original work in glass,

Shawn Waggoner



Serum Patch Sherly 2 by Marble Slinger.


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