Mobile Glassblowing Studios, LLC

Map and Directions: West Lamar StreetAmericusGA

Street: 505 West Lamar Street
City: Americus
State: GA
Zip Code: 31709
E-mail: Email Label
Contact Person: Philip Vinson, CEO or Chuck Wells, President
Phone: 229-352-9988; 844-452-7246

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES FOR SALE:  We build affordable, high-quality, rugged, and versatile glassblowing furnace/glory hold combos and related studio equipment and accessories.

BRIEF ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  Your ticket to creative freedom! NEW Products for 2019: New Phoenix side-fired furnace, can hold one or more freestanding or semi-invested crucibles. Allows for easy interchange of crucibles through the front door. Can fit multiple crucibles for hot color pot applications. FAT CAT-60 Annealing Tube: a larger version of our popular CAT-60 quick annealing tube. Available as a furnace attachment or as a stand-alone annealing solution for any studio.

PRODUCT TRADE NAMES:  Mini Dragon, Baby Dragon, Little Dragon, Big Dragon, Phoenix Furance, CAT-60 Annealing Tube, FAT CAT-60 Annealing Tube