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May/June 2013 Newsletter

Glass Art E-Newsletter May/June 2013

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 Newsletter                                             May/June 2013  
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The May/June 2013 issue of Glass Art provides inspiration and information for glass enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest in hot, warm, and cold glass. Artist profiles offer a look at the work of Barbara Becker Simon, Narcissus Quagliata, Tanya Veit, Jed Malitz, and Nicholas Parrendo, one of the pioneers of glass art. Preston Studios gives readers a look at designing and marketing residential glass art. Ways for getting the most from an arts residency and important aspects of recovering from a business disaster plus an introduction to traditional glass painting by Peter McGrain are included. Glass industry organizational news and management tips plus a look at several glass art conferences round out this great issue.


Shawn Waggoner



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 Hot Glass Studio Profile

Josh Simpson

Contemporary Glass

by Colleen Bryan


Finding success through skill, hard work, media outreach,

and good luck



Margaret Neher
The Evolution of a Style
Excerpts from a Glasscaster interview featuring
flameworking artist, Margaret Nehr


BioGlass Member Hugh Jenkins:
Accomplishing Eco-Efficiency One Studio at a Time
by Shawn Waggoner




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In This Issue
Hot Glass Studio Profile...Josh Simpson
Glasscaster with Marcie Davis...Margaret Neher
Working Green...BioGlass Member Hugh Jenkins
            May/June 2013  
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