Letter from the Editor

Mapping Your Glass Destination




  This fall edition of Glass Art continues the magazine’s long-standing tradition of providing comprehensive coverage of cold, warm, and hot glass. From the beautiful stained glass works of Hallie Monroe and Preston Studios to the work of the king of recuperation, Charles Correll, the gamut of glass possibilities are explored. Gil Reynolds shares his recent kiln worked commission, and Dennis Brady discusses his philosophy and approach to glass education.

  In addition to Glass Art’s inspirational and informative content, you’ll find the annual Directory of Industry Supplies. This indispensable tool, available in print and online, offers the perfect way for artists, retailers, and suppliers to connect and make the buying and selling process mutually beneficial. These comprehensive, alphabetical listings provide addresses, phone and fax numbers, contact names, products and services available, and brief comments from each glass art supplier. 

  Clubs and organizations are always looking for glass talent to share ideas, inspiration, and information with members. With that in mind, Glass Patterns Quarterly and Glass Art are pleased to introduce the Master Glass Artisan Lecture Series™. These once-a-month, one-hour lectures will provide professional PowerPoint demonstrations similar to those seen at glass conferences. They will also include a “live chat” format like the one used in our Glass Expert Webinars™ that allows the artist to answer real questions from actual participants.

   On September 23, Joe Porcelli returns with his popular Cutting Class Webinar. Learn to cut glass like a pro with Porcelli’s step-by-step instruction. He will cover everything from choosing the right glass cutter to working with different types of art glass. For a listing of upcoming 2014–2015 Lectures and Webinars, click on the Glass Expert Webinar™ link in the “What’s New” section at www.glassartmagazine.com.

  For our subscribers only, keep an eye out for your Subscriber Benefits, which will include articles on the Glass Craft and Bead Expo’s Gallery of Excellence winners, Hallie Monroe’s liturgical stained glass, Dennis Brady’s insights on the ever-changing market for glass art, and technical information from Charles Correll about recuperation and insulation.

Providing points on the map for your glass destination,

Shawn Waggoner                                                                                                                             

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