Letter from the Editor

Illuminating Glass Internationally



   The Summer 2015 issue of Glass Art magazine is peppered with international flavor and the ingenuity of independent glass artists. In our cover story, with humor and patience Amy West meets the challenges of being a woman and a foreigner as she establishes her studio on Murano. West’s repertoire includes engraving, battuto, and lampworking, and the resulting work is collected and exhibited around the world.

   From Amsterdam, Durk Valkema specializes in designing and building cost-effective, fuel-efficient furnaces, annealing kilns, and related equipment, increasing artistic freedom through advanced technology. In a related story, The RKD Netherlands Institute for Art Historyhas been working on a collaborative digital project with the Vrij Glas Foundation and the Rakow Research Library to digitize the complete archive of Durk’s father, Sybren Valkema. This invaluable primary material is now accessible to artists and researchers worldwide.

   Located in the wild, dramatic Highlands region of extreme northeast Scotland, North Lands Creative Glass school inspiresand informs glass artists who come to push the boundaries of material and artistic expression. Five hours from Edinburgh and two from Inverness, the hauntingly remote landscape creates a backdrop for layers of history, archeological ruins, rugged coastlines, and beautiful light, sky, and rainbows.

   Warm glass artists and twin sisters Melanie Rowe and Leslie Rowe-Israelson create large fused panels and massive vessel forms in an homage to the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Leslie’s original fused and sliced color bar works are enhanced by Melanie’s custom flameworked beads, introducing texture and drama to the work.

   Here at home, independent artists innovate in glass, opening new avenues of expression. Rather than seeing lead lines as something to be hidden, stained glass artist Richard Prigg developed a calligraphic, semisculptural style that features them in his stained glass creations. In hot glass, blower Brice Turnbull redefines qualities of three-dimensionality, color, and light by incorporating his roundels in abstract acrylic paintings. And in carved glass, Robair Bern Devine uses aluminum oxide, a high-speed rotary, and a chipper to carve glass, then illuminate it with LED lights. Controlled by a remote, Devine offers viewers several different colors of illuminated carved panels. We hope you are inspired by these diverse, inventive techniques.

Sharing inspiration from around the globe,


Shawn Waggoner



Sunburst by Brice Turnbull



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